Sunday, March 16, 2014

WWE 2014 Trading Cards & Wrestlenomics Episode 2

On a whim, on my way out of Target, I decided to buy a box of 2014 WWE Trading Cards.

Each pack is covered with non-jorts Cena!

10 packs and one commemorative plate card!

Whose? Kaitlyn!


The cards:
I was surprised to see legends, superstars, divas and NXT wrestlers. Yes, I found Jojo, Big Zeke, Paige, El Torito, Curt Hawkins, Drew, Hunico and DDP. But only one Wyatt Family member. Sad.

I also recorded Episode 2 of Wrestlenomics Yesterday.  It was a live call-in show via BlogTalkRadio.

The Beginning of Something Special 

Episode Two of #wrestlenomics radio is done.

This was a spur-of-the-moment live call-in show where I talked about WWE Network, WWE Financials, WWE TV Negotations, ideas for possible WWE suitors, ways to keep the WWE stock strong, my interaction with investment banks/hedge funds asking about WWE and lots more.

It was like a sprint so I talked and talked and talked and had David Parker on and talked and talked and then hung up. Hopefully, there's some good content in there and it's not so frantic that it's unlistenable.

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