Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Audio and Weird Stock Spikes

I had a great conversation with my friend Alex Goff from Online World of Wrestling talking about the WWE Network, my history with Podcasts and pro-wrestling analytics and the nature of streaming media adoption.  It's a fun 45 discussion which you can listen to at their website or download the mp3 directly.  I had a lot of fun recording it.

Also, I wrote a piece on WhatCulture today's weird stock spike and the rumors behind it.  Since $WWE stock has got hot, I've talked to a few investment firms and hedge funds about the possible future for this company.  Moving forward, you'll find all my thoughts & analysis over at WhatCulture.
And while you're there, please check out some of my friends writing the website including:

Both of these men have been good friends and excellent sounding boards for articles for many years.  I hope you'll support them by reading this pieces and commenting helpful things such as, "WWE BEST 4 LIFE LOL LOVE U JON SINA! ".    They'd really appreciate that.

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