Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Wrestlenomics Radio, New WhatCulture Pieces, New everything!

This month I started exclusively writing stuff over at WhatCulture.com. I've also had several friends start publishing pieces over there as well.

Looking for something to read? Here's we go!

Things I've written:
WWE Wrestlemania 30: Why Dish relented and Will Carry It 3/25/14 (new today!)
* WWE Royal Rumble & Elimination Chamber 2014 Buy Estimates 3/21/14
* WWE: John Cena Has Not Had 3,500 Matches 3/19/14
* WWE: Analysing The 5 Networks WWE Is Negotiating TV Rights With 3/18/14
* 5 Companies That Would Want To Buy WWE 3/15/14
* 10 Ways WWE Can Maintain Their Current Business Success 3/10/14
* WWE's Current 15 Year Stock High Is Tied To Their Domestic TV Future 3/5/14
* 14 WWE Network Risks That WWE Worries About 3/05/14

Things by my friends...

The Czar:
* WWE: 8 Reasons Bray Wyatt Will Fail After WrestleMania 30 3/24/14
* WWE: 10 Previous WrestleMania Triple Threat Matches 3/20/14
* 6 WWE Divas That Never Held The Title 3/16/14
* WWE: 14 Gross-Out Moments That Made You Gag 3/12/14
* WWE: 12 Most Memorable Animal Sidekicks 3/6/14

* WWE: 10 Sexiest Diva Moments In WrestleMania History 3/25/14 (new today!)
* WWE: Ranking The Previous 12 Battle Royals In Wrestlemania History 3/19/14
* WWE: 10 Worst Intercontinental Title Matches To Watch On The WWE Network 3/12/14
* WWE: 12 Careers You Won’t Believe Stars Did After They Quit Wrestling 3/8/14
* WWE: 16 Other Wrestlers Who Are Undefeated At Wrestlemania 3/6/14

Hawkins (Crapgame13):
* WWE: 10 Times Real Life Political Troubles Fueled Top Heels 3/24/14

The other guys are a lot better writers than I am. There's a lot of lists, but you'll still see them raise some really interesting points.

For instance, one of my favorites was from Tom's piece about 8 Reasons Bray Wyatt Will Fail After WM30 #6:
Bray Wyatt cuts a great promo. He leads men into battle and they listen to every word he says. He watches intently ringside, invested in every move and movement his “Family” makes. He celebrates when they win; he scolds them when they lose. Now replace “Bray Wyatt” with Bobby Heenan and the last few sentences still read the same.
And yes, they're paid by the click so that's why you'll see people work on click-bait pieces like WWE: 10 Sexiest Diva Moments In WrestleMania History and they feel no shame for that. Nor should they.

Lastly, Pete Thornton has been getting lots of people agitated with his non-pro wrestling pieces including 10 Superheroes Who Should Get A Movie Before Wonder Woman and 10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney’s Best Animated Movie This Decade. That's kind of his MO in life, so I am very amused.
In other news, I've got a new piece that should go live on WhatCulture in the next 24 hours:
  • What SIX jobs does WWE need to create?
My WC editor has it now and are trying to strangle it into comprehensible English.

Also, a NEW EPISODE OF WRESTLENOMICS RADIO is available.  It's two hours long and we talk about some original WWE Rookie analysis I completed, WWE TV negotiations (including newcomer WGN), thoughts on the Royal Rumble & Elimination Chamber 2014 PPV numbers and a list of who has most of the worst pro-wrestling feuds of the last twenty years.  Also, we have live callers from around the world (literally).  Next live episode of Wrestlenomics radio will be this Saturday (3/29/14) at 1 PM EST/Noon CST with special guest David Bixenspan talking about Discrimination Lawsuits, Ultimate Warrior shenanigans, WCW Payroll and much more!  

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