Monday, December 29, 2008

IWW: Interview with Colin Delaney (part one)

IWW interviews Colin Delaney (part one)

Indeed Wrestling Weekly, the program with quite a misleading title, has finally returned to air the first part of our interview with former WWE Superstar and current CHIKARA performer - COLIN DELANEY~!

In part one - we talk about growing up, memories of Upstate NY wrestling, breaking in and starting his tag team with Jimmy Olsen, the epic DELANEY CLAN matches, working ROH ringcrew and more. Colin only had a little while so we stuck to mostly pre-WWE talk. The abrupt end of this conversion was because my puppy unplugged my microphone before I signed off. How professional! Anyhow, we'll be back with Colin later this week and will continue the conversation with a focus on his WWE run.

If you have questions for Colin, you can pm me, email the show ( or post them as a response to this thread.

Hope you enjoy it! If not, well, at least it was free.