Thursday, January 26, 2006


1-25-06 news & notes (mp3) : 45 minutes solo podcast. ENJOY~!

Also, we'll have a pre-Royal Rumble show up this weekend!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Chuck Palumbo is...

(from a suggestion from Dan!)

Googlism on Chuck Palumbo

chuck palumbo is on the phone with his mom asking for advice on tonight's match against goldberg
chuck palumbo is poking around in miller's drawers and demanding a spot in the main event tonight
chuck palumbo is contemplating a haircut


Friday, January 20, 2006


IWW CRAZY SHOW (mp3 link)

From the outer rim of the galaxy, this LOST show appears in all it's glory. Recorded last week after a marathon session, hosts Zip Whittle and TC Watts discuss future WWE booking plans (recorded after taping but before Smackdown aired), WWE movie details, how to make money at an Indy show, Philly Drama and tons of Chuck Palumbo. We read Viewer Mail from around the world and respond and discuss a new PPV that could set new records for old men wrestling. Finally, some Mexico news! Finally, some Chuck Palumbo eating a steak news! Finally, TC Watts talks about Manshields. Get your IWW fix with ZW & TC as they nearly lose their minds!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

IWW Ad Campaign

Well, folks.. the time has come for IWW to start advertising in Wrestling Programs and websites around the universe.

Here's a sample ad we're looking at creating: (PDF file)

Give us some feedback! Want to help out IWW? Design us an ad! email for more details.


-ZW & TC
TC takes the helms on this MMA update! First, we run down the Fight Night card for 1/16 as we reveal our secret method of picking fighters who share names with roles from popular sitcoms. Witness Zip Whittle valiantly attempt to convince his co-host of Vince Vaughn's fighting prowness. We talk about the big Liddell/Couture Fight along with all their past history, buyrates, payouts and what the future may hold.
We discuss Ortiz's Fight that he�ll have before he takes on Shamrock in June and how many fights someone needs to win in a row to establish themselves in the public's mind. Also included is a brief recap of many Pro-Wrestling connections in the K1 & Pride New Year Eve's shows including who Heath Herring did not mean to kiss. Who was the insane German King who built Neuschwanstein? Where is Mark Kerr now? Want another Chuck Palumboism? TUNE IN! Thus far, TC Watts has an undefeated streak of picking UFC fights. Does his record hold up? We'll cover that on the next episode of IWW.

IWW MMA SHOW! (mp3 link)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Additions to IWW Website

Folks! Folks! Folks!




New shows hopefully posted in the next 24 hours!

Friday, January 13, 2006


TC Watts joins Zip Whittle for the first fully remotely produced episode which is a monster of a show. We cover TC's thoughts on the New Year's Revolution PPV, the status of both brand champions, health and injury updates on many stars and some people who had just disappeared, new talent joining the WWE and who exactly is living with Steph & Hunter. Also, we go in-depth about the roles for retiring and injuried wrestlers along with details of Joey Styles recent woes, Vince McMahon's cash-filled pockets and who Ultimo Dragon can't book in Japan. Lastly, it's the birth of Indeed Wrestling Palumbo podcast~! PLUS VIEWER (LISTENER) SHOUTOUTS (get your name on our show at !)

Download the MP3 right here.

At 1 hour and 17 seconds, it's easily our favorite episode to date. TONS of NEWS and NOTES~!

We're going to have two more updates this weekend including:
* MMA News with UFC Live Monday Night Fight Night Predictions
* More WWE news, viewer mail and thoughts on NYR, ideas for future booking and of course, MORE CHUCK PALUMBOISMS~!

BTW, Fans in Canada & Australia. We're sorry. We haven't been sending you love like we should. That will be remedied soon!

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's 2 AM on my birthday...

and I'm going to bed after this post!

It's the PPV RECAP - we have a new WWE Champion (and it wasn't someone in the Elimination Chamber)?! Vince continues to go insane and Kurt Angle proclaims his love for France. Snitsky is awful-ly good and Maria interviews herself. New Year's Revolution starts the year off with a bang and a top-rope fist drop. CHECK IT OUT FOR ZIP WHITTLE SOLO HOSTING FUN.

REMEMBER to email us at with your thoughts about this PPV for our extended show with news & notes coming up later this week.


A newly 25-yr old ZIP.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

IWW 1-2-06 NEWS & NOTES.

It's about the wrestling. It's about all the rage you can bottle into a MTV-fueled rant. It's all about WWE's plans for Wrestlemania, Crazy Vince Russo and Tajiri's wife being happy. You must hear this one - and stick around for the end for a sound byte surprise!

IWW: Chuck Palumbo & more! (45 minutes of news & notes!)


ps/ check out Zip's 10 Commandments for Indy Wrestlers (mp3 link!).

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


A new episode posted already. Expect a long news update posted tonight!

Zip Whittle & TC Watts share their 2006 predictions about the WWE & TNA rosters, as well as a few UFC thoughts. Check out the episode here! (Direct link to the mp3!)

What are your predictions from the new year? Giant Singh = WWE Champ?!