Tuesday, May 19, 2015

George Barrios did a short Q&A session at the 43rd Annual JP Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference. Soon the replay should be available at this webcast link. The host was Mark Strouse, a JP Morgan analyst.

While the entire conversation was short (less than 20 minutes), there was a few interesting tidbits.

Q: What was the purpose of developing the WWE Network and their goals?
A: Barrios said that the Network came as a the intersection of two steams - thinking about their PPV ala-cart business (charging high prices for only 3-4 hours of content) and developing the best monetization model they could for their large library of footage (of which they owned 100% of the rights).

Q: How did WWE develop their Total Addressable Market?
A: Barrios said the company did primary research in their top 16 markets and looked at the 300M broadband homes. He went into his discussion about the "half of homes with a WWE affinity." (I have a webpage where you can read more about that research if you care.)

Barrios mentioned looking at Netflix which lead to a question, "What can WWE learn from the the Netflix business model?"
A: Barrios said that WWE studies Netflix very closely. He mentioned they scruntize their public filings, what they say in speeches and even peruse the Netflix website to look at the job descriptions. In particular, Barrios focused a lot on the size of the Netflix business when it was a DVD distribution service (17M customers) and initial Netflix expectations around size of the streaming market (60-90M). He noted that was about a 3.5 to 4.5 multiplier. In a similar fashion, WWE estimated they had about 1.1M unique global homes that order PPVs. He tied that to the stated goal of "3 to 4 million" WWE Network subscribers - using a similar 3-4x multiplier.

The webcast allowed listeners to submit a question. So I did. And to my shock (unlike every single WWE Conference Call I've ever been on) they actually asked it. I asked about the state of WWE Network leadership considering that the recent hire (Lou Schwartz in October 2014) had already left the company by Q1 2015.
Barrios, unsurprisingly, blew off the question by admitting they did lose their Chief Digital Officer but that the CDO's job was much bigger than the WWE Network. And "WWE Network is pretty functionalized. Technology Lead manages Technology. Marketing side. Big corporate marketing group. Analytics function. Resources dedicated there. We're a functional organization for most part. Small group of us who lead the coordination of the effort." Specifically, he named Vince McMahon, George Barrios (CFO & Chief Strategy Officer), Michelle Wilson (Chief Marketing Officer) and Lisa Fox Lee (EVP of Content) as the leaders for the WWE Network.

There was discussion about the WWE TV Rights. I didn't write down a lot of the notes but it was just about the timeline of the negotiations and when the money actually started to come in. Nothing new or groundbreaking in my mind. When he was asked about "untapped opportunities in the international television market", Barrios said that in most of the countries that have the economics to generate sizable television revenue, WWE is there. However, he did call out the Nordics as an area which was a "white space" while acknowledging that through pay-TV there is some programming available.

Strouse asked a question about, "How do you compare the WWE Network to TV Rights?" and tried to start a conversation about "when would it make sense to go complete Network"? (In this scenario, flagship Raw/SmackDown would be aired via the WWE Network.)
Barrios did one of his favorite things - he talked about "pillars". There are three (in this case).
A. Video (WWE put up tons of content on YouTube. That's why their the #1 Sports Network on YT. Etc. Etc. Etc.)
B. Core Live Event Programming (Live Content is valuable to the TV landscape. That was their pitch for the negotiations and they firmly believe that.)
C. The WWE Network (Delivers Prime content - i.e. PPVs - and long-tail content - i.e. replays and delayed episodes of Raw/SM - for $9.99)
"What connects all of that? Social. We're very aggressive in the scale of that footprint." - Barrios

(Does that make sense to anyone? You'll need to listen to the replay and figure out if Barrios actually answered the question or whether he just went off on his own buzzword pitch.)

Barrios did answer the last part about "when would it make sense to move Raw/SmackDown to the WWE Network?" with a "probably not viable in 5 years, but we can't really know."

There was a question from the audience. I couldn't hear it. Barrios did respond by talking about the WWE Network engagement metrics which the company was hyping at the Q1 results.

Based on people who watched for at least 6 minutes, WWE estimated that WWE Network users were watching, on average, 53 hours of content in Q1. Barrios explained that they've extrapolated these numbers for Netflix (who becomes #1 at 167 hours) and WWE would rank very high among traditional and premium television Networks. In addition, Barrios emphasized that with only 10 hours of new PPV content in Q1 (Rumble, Fastlane, WM), that implied that almost 80% of that viewing was content outside of the premium first-run PPV stuff.

"I'm surprised by how much content people are consuming on the Content. Happily." - Barrios

The final question was from the audience about the NXT strategy.

Barrios started by calling NXT "a tiger by the tail for us". He went into a description of what NXT was. (WWE needs to have a pretty structured way to attract, develop and retain new talent. We send our Superstars and Divas to Orlando to do that.)
He did note that as NXT has begun touring, some of the areas selected were chosen due to highest rates of NXT viewership. (He noted that was an example of being able to use data from the WWE Network for other uses.) He admitted it's grown much faster than they expected and they're adapting to the demand and interest.


That's my summary on Barrios' appearance. It was nice that we got Q&A instead of a canned presentation and they even read my question from the web. (My second question about the viability of the WWE Studios was not addressed.)

My key takeaways were:
a) Downplaying CDO loss
b) Nordics as int'l TV rights opportunity
c) Netflix influencing strategy (growth, jobs)
d) NXT touring influenced by NXT viewership
e) 3-4M goal was based on 1.1M global PPV homes base

-Chris Harrington (chris.harrington@gmail.com)
Twitter: @mookieghana

Monday, May 04, 2015

Commentary on WWE Q1 Results



Mookie's notes

On Thursday, WWE announced, "record quarterly revenue".

First quarter revenue jumped to $176.2M (up more than fifty million over last year's first quarter) and OIBDA came in at $21.0M (highest number in ten quarters). Operating income, which has been negative for five consecutive quarters, finally registered a huge improvement at +$15.1M.

Obviously, the advantage of holding WrestleMania 31 in Q1 2015 (versus WrestleMania 30 in Q2) is that the timing results in a HUGE revenue shift (WWE estimates it at $24.9M).

What's driving WWE's revenue growth?

  • TV Rights: the preponderance of new TV deals signed in 2014 have began in Q4 2014 and Q1 2015. We've already seen quarterly TV revenue jump $16M in just 6 months.

Meanwhile, it's interesting to see that ratings for WWE's flagship show (Raw) and SmackDown have been flat/declining. Still, Total Divas continues to be a valuable hit for the company. And with Tough Enough returning to television and SmackDown moving to USA Network at the beginning of next year, clearly NBCU still sees big opportunity in the WWE product.

  • WWE Network: With 1.327M paid subscribers as of 3/31/15, WWE generated more $28 million in revenue. Once again, WWE announced that they will be running a "free month for new subscribers", this time in May. And they've promised they are "developing plans for geographic expansion to India, China, Germany, Japan, Italy, Thailand and Malaysia."

Yet, quarterly Churn for the WWE Network is still high (284k in Q1). WWE seems to believe they'll be able to retain more and more subscribers year-round going forward instead of the historical WWE fan model where many tuned out between April and December each year.

Also, international WWE Network subscriptions (which includes Canada) are less than 15% of the total WWE Network number (196,000 of 1,327,000). However, in the past, WWE averaged more like 38% of total WWE PPVs from outside USA/Canada. Does this imply a large portion of WWE fans cannot access the WWE Network (do to lack of availability or reliable broadband access?) or that some 125,000+ fans are accessing the domestic version of the service?

Scattered notes:

WWE Q1 Results
                                             REVENUE                           OIBDA                                 NET INCOME
Q1’15                                  $176.2M                             +$21.0M                                +$9.8M
Q1’15 w/o WM                 $151.3M                             +$21.4M                             +$10.1M
Q1’14                                  $125.6M                             +$12.9M                                -$8.0M
(This is WWE's accounting. Dave Meltzer indicated that it looks like they weren't assuming that WWE Network swell between January & March in the "pro-forma" on WrestleMania. In reality, WM 31.)

Growing Segments:
·        TV Rights (new deals signed for Q4’14 & Q1’15; grew to $58.2M)
·        Live Events (WrestleMania, domestic house show attendance up 4%; grew to $37.5M)
·        WWE Network (new UK market in January; 3/31/15 = 1.327M paid subscribers; grew to $28.6M)
·        Licensing (Video Game-higher unit sales, higher royalty rates; downloadable content including the WWE Supercard)/Venue Merch (WM); residual sales from Q4 activity spill over to Q1

Declining Segments:
·        Home Entertainment (dropped to down 5.8M versus same quarter last year)
·        Digital Media (loss of WWE Magazine, no more WWE PPV webcasts; dropped to $4.3M quarter)
·        WWE Studios (only generated $1.5M in revenue this quarter)

Exceeded Revenue/OIBDA expectations. However, market-opening rise in stock price to above $15 was quickly reversed and currently stock is hovering around $13.50 (-6%).

WrestleMania 31:
WM31 was the “highest-grossest event in WWE history”
KPI (Key Performance Indicators) page on Attendance implies that WM31 attendance was 57,800
·        7,400 NA for 73 events w/ WM and 6,700 NA for 72 events w/o WM
·        WWE internal calendar from Annual Bootleg Merchandise Lawsuit listed the Levi Stadium Capacity at 66,060
·        WWE announced the attendance for WM31 at 76,976

WM31 Revenue was calculated at $24.9M including $15.7M (Live Events) and $3.3M (Venue Merchandise, broke WM29 record of $2.7M).

PPV Buys: $9.0M
·        WM31 (259,000 buys)
·        Fast Lane 2015 (46,000 buys)
·        Royal Rumble 2015 (145,000 buys) 

WWE Network
Revenue: $28.6M            
·        1,327,000 paid subscribers as of 3/31/15; subscribers as of 12/31/14 was 816,000.
·        795,000 “gross additions” (new subscribers plus “win-backs”)
·        Q1’15 Churn was 284,000 subscribers (Q4’14=-251K, Q3’14=-255K, Q2’14=-144K)
·        Remaining marketplaces: India, China, Germany, Japan, Italy, Thailand and Malaysia.
·        Possible new Distribution devices? ChromeCast & Android TV.
·        196,000 international subscribers (15% of total) which is below historic non-North America PPV buys average (38%)
·        “All new subscribers who register for the network in May will receive the network for free in that month, including WWE Payback live on Sunday, May 17”
·        Will continue to add 1,000 hours to “robust video-on-demand library” including the new programming. Barrios specifically called out the new Springer “Love Hurts” episode as example of new programming initiative.
·        77% of the 201,000 “trial subscribers” from February became paying subscribers in March. (Might include some of the UK/Ireland fans who signed up in January?)
·        94% of total subscribers access WWE Network

·        Programming: 8 brand new original shows (“compelling special programming and “short form content”)
·        Promotions (Free May)
·        Features/Distribution (“improve user experience and content discovery across devices”, “continuing to expand distribution platforms”)
·        New Geographies (India/China/Germany/Japan/Italy/Thailand/Malaysia)

OIBDA on Network segment (PPV+WWE Network) was still -$1.5M despite the 1.33M paid subscribers.
To compare, Q2 2012 (with WM29) generated $18.9M in OIBDA for that segment.

Lots of factoids about “WWE Network engagement vs. broadcast and cable networks” showing WWE has “53.43 viewing hours per Household” which exceeds HBO (36.3), Disney (39.4) and ties with TeleMundo (53.2).  Netflix was the market leader at 167.1.
Viewing Hours per Household was “Cumulative hours of network content watched across network households divided by the number of viewing households” whatever that really means.


WWE had 1.6 billion total views in Q1’15 on YouTube and 333 million Social Media Followers on Facebook along with 107 million Twitter followers.

Meanwhile, the Digital Media segment brought in $4.3M.

Still a huge push for WWE as they feel right now is a “land-grab” and they view engagement as key to reaching the younger generation as well as evidence to show advertisers why WWE is important beyond TV ratings.


WWE Television Rights swelled to $58.2M during first quarter of 2015. That’s up nearly $16M since before the new deals started at the end of last year.

·        SmackDown is moving USA Network during Q1 2016.
·        Tough Enough is starting on USA Network in June
·        Vince said Total Divas was #1 show on E! since the Kardashians were on hiatus

According to WWE Raw ratings were down
·        RAW ratings were down 5% this quarter (3.5 versus 3.7 for Q1 2014)
·        SmackDown ratings were down 7% (2.2 versus 2.3 for Q1 2014).

Barrios didn’t give his India pitch. Did talk briefly about China in the Q&A.
No mention of TapouT partnership, though that deal doesn’t start until 2016.
No surprise that Home Entertainment has been down (shipped 620,000 units in Q1 2015 versus 1,087,000 units in Q1 2014). Top recent seller was Slam City (116k, Nov.) & Best of Sting (84k, Sept).
No real discussion about WWE Studios. The segment was unprofitable this quarter (-$400k) as usual.

First time net income has been positive since Q3 2013.  Net Income in Q1/Q2 2012 was higher than this quarter. $176M in Revenue was a quarterly record.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Before $WWE releases Q1 Results tomorrow, some thoughts..

Tomorrow morning, at 11 AM, WWE will host their Q1 conference call. Earlier that morning, they will release their Q1 2015 results which covers Jan 1 through March 31. (Sign up for the webcast here.)

Importantly, that time-frame covers the massively successful WrestleMania 31 event on March 30.
The company has already announced that the WWE Network achieved 1.315 million subscribers as of 3/29/15 and averaged 918,000 paid subscribers in the first quarter 2015.

Last year's WrestleMania was during Q2 (April 6, 2015), so the baseline for Q1 2015 results is much lower. That skews a lot of year-over-year numbers.
  • WWE Network sub revenue was only $4.4M in Q1 2014 versus an expected $27.6M for Q1 2015. 
  • Live Event revenue will likely swell by at least $12M due to the WrestleMania timing. (Live Event Revenue for Q1 2014 was $21.7M.) 
  • Venue Merchandise is likely to be inflated as WWE set a new merchandise record with $3.3M in sales. (Venue Merchandise Sales for Q1 2014 was $5.0M).  
  • Travel Package revenue for WrestleMania (worth about $2M last year) will also be recorded in Q1 2015 this year. 
  • WWE still grossed $23.8M in PPV revenue last year during Q2 2014 despite the domestic WWE Network offering WrestleMania for just $9.99. Already, WWE has recorded 233,000 PPV buys for Royal Rumble 2015 and WWE Fastlane PPVs (should generate about $3.2M in revenue). It's tough to know how many buys WrestleMania 31 did on traditional PPV. Last year, WM30 had 420,000 domestic purchases and 264,000 international purchases. I'll guess that there was at least 225,000 PPV purchases worldwide, which could be another $4.1M in PPV revenue. That's an estimated $7.3M in PPV revenue for Q1 2015 (versus $13.8M for Q1 2014.)
In addition, I would expect to see strong growth in WWE Television Rights. Last year, WWE earned about $40.3M in Television Rights in Q1 2014 ($25.7M domestic, $14.6M international). By the end of the year, that number was already inflated by nearly 25% as the plethora of new television deals which WWE signed in 2014 came online starting Q4 2014 and Q1 2015. I'd expect in excess of $54M for Q1 2015 which would be an improvement of nearly $14M.

It's much harder to estimate the revenue for Home Entertainment, Digital Media, WWEShop and WWE Studios and Other for Q1 2015. 

I expect WWE will recognize revenue from Leprechaun: Origins (Aug. 2014), See No Evil 2 (Oct. 2014), Queens of the Ring (Nov. 2014) and Jingle All the Way 2 (Dec. 2014) in Q1 2015 since they showed no revenue as of the annual report. (Those films were released direct to DVD.)

On the flipside, Home Entertainment revenue will probably plummet. For the first two months of the year, WWE only shipped out 211,000 units ($11 gross revenue per unit shipped) compared to 1,087,000 units ($8 gross revenue per unit shipped) in Q1 2014. I wouldn't be surprised to see Home Entertainment Revenues drop $4M this quarter since last year had some funky mechanics in this segment ("recognition of a $2.5 million minimum guarantee short-fall related to 2013 sales and a $2.2 million adjustment for higher current sell-through rates than anticipated for late 2013 releases.")

Likewise, while WWE loves to talk about their award-winning social media experience, the Digital division has only generated about $6.3M in revenue per quarter, and the last three quarter that number has dropped to well below $5.3M per quarter. (I believe the WWE Magazine Revenue was being counted in this division prior to cost-cutting measures axing that division.) Also, Licensing is a hard stream to pin down. In the psat WWE has been averaging $7.4M in quarters where they don't recognize a big videogame licensing windfall. Whether the new joint venture with TapouT or other projects results in a big Q1 growth is unclear to me at this time. 

Q1 - Est.
PPV  $    13.8  $      7.3
VOD  $      0.2  $       -  
NETWORK  $      4.4  $     27.6
TV  $    40.3  $    54.0
DOM TV  $    25.7  $    33.4
INTL TV  $    14.6  $    20.6
HOME ENT.  $    10.5  $      6.3
DIGITAL  $      6.7  $      6.7
LIVE EVENTS  $    21.7  $    33.7
TRAVEL  $       -    $      2.0
LICENSING  $    14.0  $      8.0
VENUE MERCH  $      5.0  $      8.3
WWESHOP  $      4.2  $      4.2
STUDIOS  $      4.3  $      4.3
OTHER  $      0.5  $      0.8
TOTAL  $  125.6  $  163.2

I struggle to estimate the OIBDA for 2015 because WWE's accounting, particularly around the WWE Network, seems to evolve by the quarter.

My estimates have WWE Q1 2015 OIBDA tentatively jumping to nearly $17M which is a big improvement over last year's Q1 OIBDA of -$7M.

I guessed Network segment (PPV/WWE Network) at $6.6M OIBDA but that could be far too high (or low). Likewise, TV rights are not completely clear, but I assumed they could jump as much as $23M OIBDA. There's a $3M OIBDA drop in Home Entertainment offset completely by a $9M jump in Live Event OIBDA. I did assume nearly a $5M drop in Licensing OIBDA and a $2M drop in WWE Studios. Overall, the OIBDA jump would be driven by WrestleMania PPV revenue, higher WWE Network numbers, and big Live Events jump from WrestleMania plus the TV rights (especially the int'l numbers) coming online.

How does WWE account for their $50M TV prepayment? Will WWE stop using the free month gimmick so frequently? How about the increase WWE Network programming costs? Are there any viable expansion territories left - Italy/Japan/Germany? 

How close will I land to the real deal? I have no idea! Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Chris Harrington

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

World Wrestling Entertainment - RECAP lawsuits

There's a really terrific service called RECAP which allows users to quickly store copies of the law filings they download from PACER on the Archive.org servers.

Here's a collection of WWE Lawsuits that have been archived on RECAP along with cases that I've looked up on PACER:

4/8/83: FORNINI, et al v. TITAN SPORTS (Mairo Fornini & Savmar Co. v. Titan Sports, Anti-Trust, case ended 4-17-85, District of Maine-Portland, case 2:83-cv-00115-GC; Mario Louis Fornini Sr. was Angelo Savoldi who died at age 99 in September 2013)

2/21/84: Titan Sports, Inc v. ???

11/21/85: Winston Imports Corp v. World Wrestling Federation / Titan Sports / Dic Enterprises / LJN Toys (terminated 3/27/90. Winston Imports/Winnie Marts filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in NJ on 3/3/86 and proceedings lasted until 12/20/90.)

1/9/87: Titan Sports World, v. Comics World Corp. [3/14/89 decision] (Titan Sports, Inc. v. Comics World Corporation / Comics World Corporation (USA) / Comics World, Inc. /Starlog Group, Inc. / O'Quinn Studios, Inc. / Kerry O'Quinn / Norman Jacobs, Trademark Infringement- case ended in 7-12-90, Southern District of NY 1:87-cv-00178-PKL )

3/25/87: Titan Sports v. Doe, et al [docket] (terminated 4-20-87, Trademark, Eastern District of Michigan/Detroit, case 2:87-cv-71116-RED)

9/18/87: Titan Sports, et al v. Ticcioto, et al (Titan Sports/World Wrestling Federation v. Benjamin Ticcioto/Custom T-Shirt/Wild Gifts/Robert Greco/Play Clothes/Josef Safdie/Robert Missry/Honey'S Shirt Shop/M.S. Gift-Jolyn/Charles Fhah/Wildwood China-E.C.I./Daniel Setten/American Climax/Maurice Batton/Twin Gift/Samuel Anidjar/The Shirtery/One More Shop/Smokey Music-Somethi/Wildwood Kings/Hani Ascandrani/Beachwwear Impression/Joseph Setten/T-Shirt Center/Leon Agami, Trademark - District of NJ - case ended in 5-20-91)

1/25/88: Gary Cappetta v. Titan Sports (later Cappetta sued his own lawyer because of this case) "Plaintiff worked as a professional wrestling announcer for Titan between 1974 and 1985. After leaving Titan, he learned that Titan had been selling videotapes of wrestling events that included his performance as ring announcer. He retained Lippman to bring suit against Titan and the video company in December 1987, alleging that Titan had used his image, in violation of section 51 of the New York Civil Rights Law. The lawsuit against Titan was eventually dismissed."

8/15/88: Schultz v. Titan Sports, et al [docket]

10/19/88: Titan Sports Inc, et al v. T & R Ent Inc (Titan Sports Inc. v. Cable/Home Communication Corp., M/A-Com, Inc., M/A-Com Government Systems, Inc., T&R Enterprises, Inc.; CASE #: 2:88-cv-74211-JF, terminated 3-3-89, Eastern District of Michigan-Detroit, Copyright Infringement)

10/19/88:Titan Sports Inc, et al v. Broncos Saloon Inc (Titan Sports Inc. & Cable/Home Communication Corp. & M/A-Com, Inc., M/A-Com Government Systems, Inc.v. Broncos Saloon, Inc, Copyright Infringement, CASE #: 2:88-cv-74212-BAF, terminated 2-28-89, Eastern District of Michigan-Detroit, Copyweight Infringement; settled by parties)

12/12/88: Titan Sports, Inc. v. Farhat, et al (Titan Sports Inc d/b/a The World Wrestling Federation doing business as The World Wide Wrestling Federation vs. Ed Farhat individually and d/b/a/ World Wide Sports, Inc. & Ed Farhat, Jr. & WWS & Big Time Wrestling & Pro Wrestling Body Press Magazine & Tom Wells d/b/a Wells Sports, Inc. & Howard Meisel/George "The Animal" Steele, Unknown Johnson/"Shoes", Al Cripe, David Cripe/Betty's Buttons; judgment against Ed Farhat - sum of $51,032.91 w/ interest & costs; case ended 4-11-91, Trademark)

3/30/89: Titan Sports Inc. v. Various John Does (District of NJ-Camden, CASE #: 1:89-cv-01345-JBR; case ended 8-16-90)

4/3/89: Titan Sports v. Nore, et al (Inc. Titan Sports v. Gary Steven Nore / Jason C. Roberts / John Roberts, Trademark, District of Maryland-Baltimore, CASE #: 1:89-cv-00994-JCH, ended 7-24-89)

 4/27/89: Titan Sports, et al v. Valentine, et al (Inc. Titan Sports & Acton Corp. v. Vincent N. Valentine, Joanne Valentine, District of Maryland/Baltimore, case #: 1:89-cv-01229-FAK, ended 9-1-89)
11/15/89: Titan Sports, Inc., et al v. Doe I, et al (Titan Sports, Inc. & Cable/Home Communication Corp. & General Instrument Corp. & M/A-Com Government Systems, Inc. v. John Doe II d/b/a Mr Peabody's Club & Close Encounters, Inc. & John Doe I d/b/a Buddy's Place & M&M Bar Corporation, Copyright Infringement, Northern District of Ohio/Cleveland, CASE #: 1:89-cv-02202-AMB, case ended 12-7-90)

11/15/89: Titan Sports, et al v. Garcia, et al (Titan Sports, Inc. & Cable/Home Communication Corp. & General Instrument Corp. & M/A-Com Government Systems, Inc. v. Ronnie Garcia & Rosie M. Garcia & Emede Gonzales, Copyright, Southern District of Texas-Corpus Christi, Case #2:89-cv-00329, case ended 2-27-92, a Jury trial was set to start 3-10-92)

11/22/89: Titan Sports Inc v. Phone Programs Inc (see 11/28/84 NYTimes article on the joint service; TItan Sports Inc./World Wrestling Federation v. Phone Programs, Inc. - Trademark, case ended on 5-28-91, Southern District of NY - 1:89-cv-07792-DNE )

1/19/90: Titan Sports, Inc. v. Various John Does [docket]


9/26/90: Titan Sports Inc v. Flanagans Pub Inc, et al [docket] (Copyright Infringement)

2/1/91: Titan Sports, Inc. v. Wrestling Ring, Inc. [docket]

3/20/91: Titan Sports Inc v. Various John Does, et al (Copyright Infringement)

8/6/91: Eadie v. McMahon, et al [docket]

11/14/91: National Wrestling Alliance v. World Wrestling, et al [docket] (Trademark Infringement)

12/20/91: Ventura v. Titan Sports, Inc., et al [docket / 12-11-95 decision ]

3/11/92: Byers, et al v. Sparks, et al [docket]

4/10/92: Randy Colley & William R. Eadie v. Vince McMahon & Titan Sports [docket]

8/5/92: Adnan Ahmed Ezrique, Blue Belt Trading Co v. Titan Enterprises/WWF & Coliseum Video [docket] (Contract Dispute)

2/17/93: James Hellwig v. Titan Sports, Inc., et al [docket] (Breach of Contract)

2/17/93: McMahon, et al v. New York Post, et al [docket] (Suing Phil Muchnick)

3/5/93: McMahon, et al v. Rivera, et al [docket]

6/25/93: Thomas Cole v. World Wrestling Federation (Terry Garvin, Mel Phillips, Pat Patterson) [docket] (Contract Dispute)

11/18/93: USA v. McMahon, et al (ended 7/22/94)

4/14/94: Thomas Cole v. World Wrestling Federation (Terry Garvin, Mel Phillips, Pat Patterson) [docket]

6/27/94: Minton v. McMahon, et al [docket] (Contract Dispute)

6/30/94: Leslie v. McMahon, et al [docket] (Contract Dispute)

8/26/94: Blood v. Titan Sports, Inc., et al [docket]

7/7/95: Leslie v. Titan Sports, Inc. [docket] (Declaratory Judgment)

1/7/97: Ventura v. Titan Sports, Inc [docket]

5/16/97: Titan Sports Inc v. Turner Broadcasting, et al [docket / ruling]

5/18/98: World Championship v. Titan Sports, Inc., et al [docket / 3-29-99 ruling]

1/27/99: "Crystal Art Corporation v. Titan Sports, Inc." [docket] (Personal Injury)

6/3/99: Mero, et al v. Titan Sports, Inc. [docket]

6/14/99: Bassam Al Othman vs. Titan Sports Inc. / Leon White [docket] (Vader is named as a defendent. )

9/16/99: Bass v. WWE, Inc., et al [docket / crazy document / 2-14-01 ruling] (Scribd)

9/20/99: WWF Entertainment v. Playboy Enterprises, et al [docket] (Copyright Infringement)

10/1/99: World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc v. Estate Of Owen Hart & Martha Hart [docket]

11/16/99: World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc., v. Picasso Silk Screen, Inc, et al [docketcomplaint] (Trademark Infringement)

11/23/99: WWF Entertainment v. Sterling/McFadden, et al (Wrestling World Magazine)  [docket]

4/12/00: World Wrestling Fed., et al v. John & Jane Does, et al

4/20/00: Kayfabe, Inc., et al v. World Wrestling Fed, et al [docket] (Kayfabe Inc & Joey Styles vs. WWFE & HHG/Extreme Championship Wrestling)

4/6/00: Wizards of the Coast, et al v. World Wrestling Fed, et al (Wizards of the Coast Inc /Michael Fitzgerald v. World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc /Alliance Publishing Group Inc / Comic Images) [docket] ( Copyright Infringement)

7/27/00: Jordan Outdoor, et al v. World Wrestling, et al [Advantage Camouflage Inc / Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd. / Realtree Outdoor Products Inc v. Andover Apparel Group Inc /USPAR Enterprise Inc / World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc [docket] (Copyright Infringement)

Decided 9/18/00: USA CABLE, Plaintiff Below, Appellant, v. WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION ENTERTAINMENT, INC., Viacom Inc., and CBS Corporation, Defendants Below, Appellees [decision]

10/2/00: World Wrestling v. William Morris [docket]

11/9/00: WWF Entertainment v. Bozell, et al [docket] (L. Brent Bozell, III/Media Research Center, Inc./Parents Television Council/James Lewis/Mark Honig/Cynthia Dolores Tucker - Trademark Infringement)

2/26/01: Jordan Outdoor v. World Wrestling, et al (Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd./Realtree Outdoor Products Inc/Advantage Camouflage Inc v. Andover Apparel Group Inc/Andover Togs Inc/Drew Pearson Marketing, Inc./World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc ) [docket] "Austin Deer Camoflauge Hat incorporates the Advantage Camoflage pattern or derivative therein."


10/15/01: World Wrestling v. Trinity Prod, Inc [docket] (U.S. Arbitration Act)

11/27/01: WWF Entertainment v. Directv Inc [docket] (Diversity-Other Contract; parties agreed to jointly dismiss w/o prejudice 2/22/02)

12/5/01: W.W.F. Entertain IPO, et al v. W.W.F. Entertainment, et al (order and final judgment on 1/21/10) [docket / order and final judgment]

12/11/01: World Wrestling v. Daley, et al [docket]

12/20/01: World Wrestling v. Bozell, et al [docket / complaint / multiple documents] (Motion to Quash)

1/8/02: McCarter v. Titan Sports Inc et al [docket / Alaska Civil Docket] (Railway Labor Act)

2/6/02: World Wrestling v. Bozell, et al [docket] (Motion to Quash)

3/15/02: World Wrestling Fede v. Bozell [docket] (Motion to Quash)

4/5/02: McCarter v. Titan Sports Inc, et al [docket]

4/17/02: Whistler v. World Wrestling Fed, et al [docket / Expert Testimony on "Living Legend"] (Larry Zbyzsko's lawsuit over "Living Legend")

6/20/02: World Wrestling v. Hans, et al [docket] (Gurjit Singh Hans/Hans Impor Inc Injunctive & Declaratory Relief)

7/1/02: WORLD WRESTLING v. BOZELL, et al [docket] (Motion to Quash Subpoenas)

7/3/02: Robert Meltzer v. World Night Club / World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. (Petition for Removal Libel,Assault,Slander) - Meltzer claims he was "physically assaulted, battered, intimated and sustained serious and permanent injuries" at the World Night Club on 12/29/00. Requested $5 million.) [docket / complaint]

11/5/02: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. [docket / complaint] (Copyright Infringement)

11/15/02: James Aiello v. World Wrestling Federation (Personal Injury - Aiello suing over a "slip and fall" and requesting $1 million) [docket / complaint]

11/19/02: WWF New York / The World, Inc. / World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. / v. Kenton Jenkins (Breach of Fiduciary Duty) [docket] (Former General Manager of The World is accused of causing a "series of suspicious financial transactions". WWF statement from 11/8/02.)
2/12/03: World Wrestling v. Blue Belt Trading, et al [docket] (Kuwait Company)

4/9/03: Stewart v. WWF, et al [docket / opinion]

4/29/03: World Wrestling Association Superstars of Wrestling Inc - Patterson v. Good Humor Corp/Good Humor Breyers Ice Cream/World Wrestling Entertainment Inc et al [docket] (Trademark infringement)

5/16/03: Harry Grivas & Roderick Kohn v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [docket] (Copyright Infringement- "due to the music being used for its programming and DVDs without consent or payment.")

6/27/03: Lorenzo Frazier vs. World Wrestling Federation (Civil Rights Act - suit cites "Entire Entertainment Industry, Automotive Industry, Food Chain Industry and World Wrestling Federation". Complaint about "Def Jam & Universal... using unpublished copyright material"). Dismissed 10/1/04

9/12/03: World Wrestling v. de Arce [docket / complaint / multiple documents / Memorandum of Decision]

12/4/03: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc v. BM Korea, Co Ltd [docket / complaint / multiple documents] (South Korean company)

2/6/04: Rosemont Hockey Partners, L.P. v. World Wrestling Entertainment / Chris Benoit [docket / complaint] (Trademark Infringement over using the Chicago Wolves Trademark on Benoit's apparel)

4/21/04: Cappellano, et al v. World Wrestling Ente, et al [docket] (Personal Injury) (suit includes Taralyn Cappellano, Heidi Doyle, World Wrestling Entertainment Incorporated, Richard Morgan Fliehr, Jane Doe Fliehr - wife, Scott Oliver Hall, Jane Doe Hall - wife, Virgil Runnels, III, Jane Doe Runnels - wife)

5/3/04: Marvel Characters, Inc v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc [docket] / [2/11/05 ruling]

6/1/04: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Various John And Jane Does et al [docket]

3/8/04: World Wrestling Entertainment Inc v. Raw Group LLC / Rico Chiapparelli / Louis Chiapparelli / Chad Zaputil (Trademark Infringement)

3/10/04: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Various John And Jane Does et al [docket] (Trademark)

10/19/04: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Jakks Pacific, Inc. et al [docket / complaint / multiple documents]
2/4/05: Brock Lesnar v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc
12/16/05: Brock Lesnar v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
5/8/06: Ruston v. World Wrestling Entertainment et al [docket / complaint] ($100 million of damages requested by a Federal Prisoner)
6/6/06: USA v. Shenker (CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE UNITED STATES) - James K Bell (WWE SVP of Licensing & Merchandising) conspired with Shenker to receive kickbacks totaling approximately $1 million.

4/25/07: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. / WWE Libraries, Inc. v. AWA Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. /Dale R Gagner (Trademark Infringement) World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and WWE Libraries, Inc., Plaintiffs, v. AWA Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., and Dale R. Gagner, an individual, a/k/a Dale R. Gagne, a/k/a Dale Gagne, Defendants. [docket10/21/08 MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER] ("trademark infringement, unfair competition, and cybersquating under federal law, as well as claims of deceptive trade practices ")

5/21/07: Karlene Boutwell v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. et al (Personal Injury - claims Sandman picked her up and bled on her) [docket]

9/18/07 Order: ULTIMATE CREATIONS, INC., et al., Plaintiffs, v. Vincent K. McMAHON, et al., Defendants. [order]
11/8/07: Lester Jon Ruston v. World Wrestling Entertainment ( Prisoner Civil Rights)
1/11/08: World Wrestling Entertainment Inc v. Air Sea and Ground Inc & Rockford-Montgomery Labs Inc & IAHL Corporation / Three Sixty, Inc. / 360 OTC (defendants entered into a "sponsorship agreement" on 12/16/06 to sponsor of WWE’s WRESTLEMANIA pay-per-view event—and license trademarks, service marks, trade names and other intellectual property for a total of $1 million; only paid $75k) [docket, complaint]

1/30/08: Jimmy Moore / Corey Maclin v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. & Vincent McMahon (Maclin intended to promote a show on 4/27/07 between Hogan & Lawler but WWE allegedly pressured Lawler to pull out) [docket, complaint]

2/5/08: Allen v. Carousel Consulting Svc Inc et al (Job Discrimination-Employment, case involves WWE because of the "Titan Tots Preschool Day Nursery") [docket, complaint]

2/14/08: CCP hf et al v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [docket / complaint] (Trademark; lawsuit over the name "Gangrel")

3/21/08: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Various John and Jane Does et al [docket]

6/9/08: Thomas et al v. World Wrestling Entertainment et al [docket] (Redelk Ironhorse Thomas & Elizabeth MedicineHawk Thomas of the Tsikamagi Medicine Warriors Society)

10/9/08: D'Angelo v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc [docket / amended complaint] (Job Discrimination)

10/15/08: The Royalty Network Inc. v. Sony BMG Music Entertainment / World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. / Stephanie Music Publishing, Inc. / John Cena / Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company, Inc. (Copyright Infringement) [docket]

2/9/09: World Wrestling Entertainment v. Bandit Lites, Inc. (Bandit provided lighting services for WWE from mid-90s through Nov 2008. However, the switch to High-definition format required new equipment. WWE paid Bandit $3.85M to lease equipment in 2008 but after a July 2008 RFP, they chose a different lighting vendor. Bandit & WWE were suing each other over whether WWE still owed Bandit any money.) [docket, complaint]


3/31/09: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Jim Jones / Rekichi Tilmon / Bernard Murray / Thomas Wood / Joseph Rivera / Kenneth Jackson (Trademark Infringement) [docket, complaint]

6/10/09: Hamilton et al v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [docket / complaint / multiple documents] (Jody Hamilton/Deep South Wrestling v WWE)

1/20/10: THE TURTLE COMPANY INC. v. WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT, INC. et al [docket / complaint] (Patent lawsuit over the "Adjustable book Jacket"; dismissed w/o prejudice 5/10/10)

6/22/10: Hart v. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc et al [docket / Owen Hart's contract / multiple documents / Order on Motions to Dismiss] (Martha Hart)

9/2/10: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. J.F. Ramos-Representacoes, LDA [docket / complaint / 2009 Consumer Product Licensee Agreement / multiple documents] - (Portuguese Licensee gets in trouble when WWE discovers they have sold counterfeit goods to Sun City in France)

10/26/10: McMahon v. Bysiewicz [docket / order / documents] ("Vince McMahon sues Secretary of State Susan bysiewicz over her ruling that voters wearing WWE clothing or paraphernalia can be told to change before they can vote")

Decided 12/28/10: FANTASY INTERACTIVE, INC., v. WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT, INC. [notes] ("Appeal withdrawn." -- "FI delivers premium interactive services and media platforms. From offices in New York City and Stockholm, Fi has worked with and continues to attract world renowned clients.")

2/3/11: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Interactive S.P.A. (docket / complaint) [Italy broadcast company]

1/5/12: Somerson v. McMahon/WWE [complaint / order] (Scribd)

3/13/12: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Doe et al [docket / complaint] (Scribd)

7/17/12: Papa Berg, Inc. et al v. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. et al [docket / complaint / multiple documents / memorandum opinion and order] (Badstreet U.S.A. lawsuit)

11/30/12: Brian Patrick Jack v. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc / Dr James Andrews / Shed Media USA Inc / Kwik Trip Inc / John Lauraneitis / Vincent McMahon / Kevin Amann / Ty Bailey / Kristin Actman / Beth Phoenix / Anthony Carelli (Claims he told "WWE Corporate about hazing, threats, sexual harassment" and that "Steve Keirn broke his pelvis, backbone, thumb, right knee) - Civil Rights complaint. [docket, complaint]

1/25/13: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc v. Solar Entertainment Corp. [docket / complaint / multiple documents] (Philippine broadcast company)


5/9/13 - Andrew Green & Staci Green v. Paul Wight & World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. [docket / complaint] (Big Show threatening a Video producer)

5/22/13: Landmark Technology, LLC v. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. [docket]

8/28/13: Figures Toy Company v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [docket / complaint]

9/11/13: Roberto Fuentes v. Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, LLC & World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [docket, complaint, multiple documents] ("stop the Defendants’ imposition of unlawful restrictions on the resale of event tickets.")

9/20/13: Jack v. Keirn et al [docket / complaint / order] (Scribd)

11/13/13: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. NuCom Online (Beijing) Co. Ltd. [docket]

3/26/14: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. v. Unidentified Parties [docket / complaint / multiple documents / court of appeals]

5/20/14: World Wrestling Entertainment v. Unidentified Parties [docket / complaint / brief / multiple documents]

7/25/14: Ganues et al v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc et al [docket / complaint / multiple documents / Brian Maddox] (CLASS ACTION COMPLAINT FOR VIOLATIONS OF FEDERAL SECURITIES LAWS) (scribd)

8/25/14: Swanson v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc [docket / multiple documents] (shareholder lawsuit, was combined with "WARREN GANUES and DOMINIC VARRIALE" case)

10/10/14: Preservation Technologies LLC v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [complaint] (Scribd)

10/23/14: Haynes III v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [docket / multiple documents / complaint] (Scribd)

11/5/14: Hawk Technology Systems, LLC v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [docket / complaint / notice of settlement] (Patent Infringement)

1/16/15: SINGLETON et al v. WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT, INC. [docket / complaint] - (lawsuit was terminated on 3/23/15 and moved to CT)

2/23/15: Orostream LLC v. WWE Inc. [docket / complaint] (Patent infringement)

3/24/15: Cassandra Frazier v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. [docket / complaint] (Scribd)

3/18/15: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc v. Rodriguez [docket / multiple documents / complaint] (Trademark Infringement) (Scribd)

3/25/15: Singleton et al v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc [docket / Evan's contract / Vito's contract]

4/9/15: McCullough et al v. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc [docket / complaint / complaint] (Scribd)

4/15/15: Gilbert et al v. World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. et al [docket / complaint / ESPN & WWE motion to move] (Scribd)

Other contracts: https://sites.google.com/site/chrisharrington/mookieghana-prowrestlingstatistics/wwe_contracts

Also see: http://wrestlingperspective.com/legal.html

4/10/00: HHG Corp. v. Alfonso, et al [docket] (ECW: preliminary order stopping Mike Awesome from jumping to WCW)

5/3/00: HHG Corp. v. Xtreme Professional, et al [docket] (ECW vs. XPW/Sabu)

4/5/01: HHG Corp. Bankruptcy Filing [notes / list of claims]

6/20/06: Eastern Championship Wrestling v. World Wrestling Entertainment [docket]


2/5/93: IANNELLA v. SULLIVAN, et al (VINCENZO IANNELLA V. Kevin Sullivan, Kevin Nash, World Championship Wrestling) - terminated 5/5/95 [docket]
6/1/93: Ross v. World Championship [docket] (Ranger Ross vs. WCW)

9/3/93: National Wrestling Alliance v. World Championship Wrestling [docket]

4/15/94: World Championship Wrestling, Inc. v. Adnan Ahmed Ezrique, Blue Belt Trading Co.[docket]

3/7/94: Titan Sports, Inc. v. Traylor, et al (Titan Sports v. Ray Traylor, dismissed 4/18/95) [docket]

11/7/94: Norris v. World Championship, et al (Charles Allen Norris, Greg Gagne) [docket]

1995: SHREVE v. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING, INC. et al. [Caselaw / Google Scholar] (Abdullah the Butcher sues WCW over "wrongful appropriation of his name and likeness. Shreve contends that the defendants wrongfully appropriated his name and likeness by making and distributing unauthorized videotapes of a wrestling match in which he participated.")

11/29/95: Standridge Johnson v. WCW Inc [docket] (Standridge Johnson Racing v. World Championship Wrestling, Inc., dismissed 11/14/96)

5/17/96: World Championship v. Action Media Group, et al [docket] (World Championship Wrestling, Inc. v. Action Media Group, Inc. /Cinedona, Ltd. / Crest Communications Group, Ltd. /Kookanooga Toons, Ltd. /Pack Family Trust dated May 24, 1993 / Linda Pack /Royeric Pack / RGP Land Group, dismissed 1/14/97)

6/21/96: Titan Sports, Inc. v. Turner Broadcasting, et al (Titan Sports / Turner Broadcasting Sys, Inc / World Championship Wrestling, Inc / Eric Bischoff / USA Networks / Mark Mero, dismissed per settlement agreement on 7/21/2000) [docket]

7/10/96: Windy Cty Wrestling v. World Championship (Windy City Wrestling Promotions, Inc. v. World Championship Wrestling, Inc.) [docket] (ended 6/13/97, trademark)


1997: World Championship Wrestling v. City of Macon [Caselaw / Ruling]
Ruling 12/6/98: "Is Mark Madden, a nonparty witness in this civil matter, entitled to claim a journalist's privilege?" [ruling]

10/18/94: Hiatt v. World Championship, et al [docket] (Melissa Hiatt v. World Championship Wrestling, Robert Dhue, Eric Bischoff, dismissed 12/19/95)

7/10/98: Fliehr v. World Championship Wrestling, Inc. [docket] (Ric Flair vs. WCW)

Decided 7/13/98: WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING, INC., Plaintiff, Counterdefendant, v. GJS INTERNATIONAL, INC., d/b/a Today's Trendz, Defendant, Counterplaintiff. [decision]

7/24/00: World Championship v. AWA Superstars [docket / multiple documents]

4/15/02: Miller v. Universal Wrestling, et al [docket] (Ernest Miller, ended 7/16/03)

6/13/02: Huffman v. Universal Wrestling, et al [docket] (Stevie Ray, ended 7/16/03)

7/24/03: TIG Insurance Co. v. Universal Wrestling, et al [docket, complaint] (TIG INSURANCE COMPANY, v . UNIVERSAL WRESTLING CORP ., INC . f/k/a WORLD CHAMPIONS WRESTLING, INC ., TURNER SPORTS, INC ., TURNER ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, INC, SIDNEY R. EUDY, and JOHNNY LAURINAITIS, terminated 7/26/04, judgment for defendents)

Decided 1/21/05: BOLLEA v. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING, INC. et al. [decision]

Decided 3/11/05: EUDY v. UNIVERSAL WRESTLING CORPORATION, INC., et al. Universal Wrestling Corporation, Inc., et al. v. Eudy. [ruling]

Decided 1/22/08: MARIANNE SLADOWSKI-CASOLARO, Appellant, v. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING, INC., Now Known as UNIVERSAL WRESTLING CORP., et al., Respondents. [Decision]

Georgia Championship Wrestling:

2/24/99: Larry BURTON, Plaintiff, v. Eugene I. SELKER, Mark Selker, Phillip C. Furber, and Selker & Furber, Defendants. [Opinion] (" legal malpractice, interference with business, and fraud " issues arising from attempted sale of USWA)

9/28/07: XL SPORTS, LTD v. JERRY LAWLER. [Opinion and related]

10/27/06: ALBERT PATTERSON, d/b/a/ WORLD WRESTLING ASSOCIATION, d/b/a SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING, INC., and d/b/a W.W.A. SUPERSTARS, Plaintiff, v. TNA ENTERTAINMENT, LLC, Defendant. [decision and order] ("infringed on names and marks which Patterson asserts are his protected property in the arena of professional wrestling.")

3/20/09: TNA ENTERTAINMENT, LLC, Plaintiff, v. CHARLES "CARLOS" ASHENOFF, Defendant. [Memorandum Order]

1990 Minneapolis Boxing and Wrestling Club d/b/a AWA vs. DRE Promotions, Dale Gagner, Ray Whebbe Jr, Alan Eppenstein

1959: Davis v. Jones [Caselaw] (Time Keeper is injured during a match)


11/23/10: MAUREEN TOFFOLONI as Administrator and Personal Representative of the Estate of Nancy E. Benoit, Plaintiff, v. LFP PUBLISHING GROUP, LLC doing business as Hustler Magazine, et al., Defendants. [Order] (Hustler publishing Woman nudes)

12/6/13: Ray v. ESPN, Inc. et al (Steve "Wild Thing" Ray vs ESPN - UWF footage) [docket, opinion]

12/13/06: HOT STUFF FOODS, LLC, F/K/A Orion Food Systems, LLC, Plaintiff, v. MEAN GENE'S ENTERPRISES, INC., Gene Okerlund, Blaze Okerlund, Todd Okerlund, and Mark McKee, Defendants, and Eugene Okerlund, Counterclaim Plaintiff, v. Hot Stuff Foods, LLC, Counterclaim Defendant (notes)