Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Looking at the BIG FIVE NETWORKS

I've got a new piece up at WhatCulture analyzing the primary networks that been mentioned as potential bidders for the WWE domestic TV Rights (particularly Raw & Smackdown but also Total Divas, Superstars, Main Event, etc).

In the rumor-mill, there’s been five major conglomerates mentioned:
I look at the pro/con of each, particularly why they would and wouldn't be interested and whether they'd be a good fit.

The stock rally must be the TV deal, and I must admit that it's kind of confusing trying to sort out all of the vexing machinations.  Why would a network like Turner want to get back into the mix after more than a decade? (Are they trying to mess with USA? Are they hedging against losing TNT's NBA rights to Fox?) AMC is such a weird suitor, though they do have some "unscripted" programming like Comic Book Men or Small Town Security, so it's not like they're just Walking Dead & Mad Men. Fox would want to the ratings for FS1 but they wouldn't have a place for Total Divas, and it seems questionable whether they'd get both Raw & Smackdown. That pretty much just leaves Viacom and NBCU.  They both make sense as they've actually had the Raw contract. Right now, my gut still tells me they end up sticking with NBCU, but it's very possible that this stock surge may reinforce WWE's mentality that they deserve more.  And who knows if one of the TV networks might just bite down on that giant price-tag at the last second.

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