Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Oodles of Articles

Pieces that I've written and recently published on other websites:
2/18/2014 WhatCulture: WWE Raw: 16 Biggest Raw Ratings Movers
2/20/2014 WhatCulture: 10 Controversies of the WWE Network
2/23/2014 F4W/WO: 2013 WWE Financials Examined Wrestlenomics-style
2/24/2014 Voices of Wrestling: WWE 2013 & PPV Breakdown
2/25/2014 Voices of Wrestling: WWE Network Launch Day Estimation
2/25/2014 WhatCulture: WWE: 8 Modern PPVs That Performed Miserably
2/27/2014 WhatCulture: WWE Network Launch: All your Key Questions Answered
2/28/2014 Whatculture: 20 Most Prolific PPV Wrestlers Of All Time (WCW/WWF)
3/03/2014 F4W/WO: WWE Network 7 Days Later
3/05/2014 Whatculture: 14 WWE Network Risks That WWE Worries About
3/05/2014 Whatculture: WWE’s Current 15 Year Stock High Is Tied To Their Domestic TV Future
3/07/2014 Voices of Wrestling: The Mystery of the Soaring Stock Price
3/10/2014 Whatculture: 10 Ways WWE Can Maintain Their Current Business Success

Updated 83-page PDF about the WWE Network.

In terms of original material, Dave's done a stellar job in the Observer. Almost every issue in the past few months has talked about the WWE Network and/or the WWE Finances.

Here's some other original articles that I've relied on heavily for new information. While almost daily I look for new material, and I'm still discovering articles that I've missed (such as the AdAge one) that provide good insight on the chasm between TV/Advertising executives and WWE/Investors.

My list of other Good Reading Material regarding the Domestic TV Rights Negotiations:

Bonnie Hammer
10/9/2001 CNN: Bonnie Hammer: She is Sci Fi
Forbes: Power Women #61: Bonnie Hammer
12/19/2011 NYTimes: The Queen of Cable TV
WWE TV Rights
11/1/2013 Forbes: WWE's Hidden Gem (Chris Bevilacqua talks up WWE)
1/24/2014 NYPost: NBCUniversal, out to keep WWE, mulls Hall of Fame
1/29/2014 Hollywood Reporter: WWE, BSkyB Extend U.K. TV Deal
2/18/2014 LA Times: WWE shopping 'Raw,' 'Smackdown' and other TV properties (mentions that WWE had hired Bevilacqua)
2/18/2014 Variety: WWE’s ‘Raw,’ ‘SmackDown’ Could Find New Homes as Negotiating Window with NBCU Expires
2/19/2014 AdAge: WWE Will Struggle to Position Itself as Live Sports
2/24/2014 SEC: WWE 2013 Annual Report
2/25/2014 Motley Fool: Why WWE Might Not Get the TV Deal it Wants(includes quotes from Wrestling Observer's Ben Miller)
3/7/2014 Bloomberg Businessweek: WWE Expects New Cable-TV Deal by Early May, CFO Barrios Says

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