Friday, November 15, 2013

Harrington's Audio Extravaganza (3 shows - over five hours)

It's been an audacious week for wrestling audio from me, the maven of moderately interesting wrestling statistics Mr. Mookieghana (Chris Harrington).

I was on three very different podcasts recently and I really appreciate all the hosts reaching out and inviting me on so I could blither and blather.  Thanks!

2 hours: Will (Goodhelmet) is joined by Chris Harrington (, David Bixenspan (, Keith Harris ( and his buddy (and wise historian) Kris Zellner to discuss the upcoming WWE Network. The panel looks back on WWE’s history of television deals, the obstacles and advantages a new network would create, and we come up with some possible programming ideas. An insightful and fun two hours!!!!

40 minutes: This week, we take a break from the usual RAW Recap show to provide you with an exclusive interview with business guy, Chris Harrington! He joined the show this week to discuss the following topics:
-WWE's TV rights fees DOUBLING and how it is going to change the business.
-The state of Monday Night RAW as a weekly 3 hour television program
-Topic of the week: The WWE Network - Will it succeed? Will it fail? Is it worth it?
Listen as special guest Chris Harrington provides you with information you won't get anywhere else, he'll crunch the numbers and analyze the data to almost answer the question once and for all - will the WWE Network fail?

2.5 hours: We (@voiceswrestling) are back with a monster podcast talking all things Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame with wrestling statistician Chris “@mookieghana” Harrington, Joe Lanza (@joemlanza) and Rich Kraetsch (@richkraetsch). Joe and Chris were both first-time voters so they discuss how they received votes (black magic!), their voting process (casting of bones) and, of course, who they voted for and why (substantial bribes). We also discuss the biggest snubs of the year and preview next year’s class.

I had a lot of fun going on each show and each of the hosts and other panelists had really insightful thoughts. I highly encourage everyone to check out these fine podcasts and support their endeavors. You'll hear some of the same talking points from me on each show and I probably use the same lame jokes and hedging techniques. 

All the best.  @mookieghana /

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