Tuesday, December 27, 2005


(closely adapted from an 2004 article by NWA Wildside President Bill Behrens)

I/ Thou shall rewind thy tape and mail securely using “Media Mail”.
II/ Thou shall identify thyself clearly and thy contact information (email & phone number) shall be up-to-date and valid. Thy phone number wilts have an answering machine or voicemail.
III/ Thy gear shall be real ring gear (not jeans & t-shirt).
IV/ Thy tape wilt not start with a promo and shall not include hardcore matches.
V/ Thou shall include one good, recent match that is well-taped.
VI/ Thy tape shall showcase thine ability to bump and sell as well as high spots and offense.
VII/ Thou shall realize that matches with established stars art a double-edged sword. Canst thine viewer know if you were being carried through the match?
VIII/ Thou shall not burn thine bridges with promoters, nay even if they be dullards! Thy mouth’s reputation wilt precedes thee.
IX/ Bewared thee of claiming recommendations from wrestlers unless they truly believeth thou art good (and not just being nice or ribbing thee)!
X/ Includeth a brief lineage of deeds (bio) and recent photograph of thee with thine package!

Other points:
• Get a passport.
• Always bring your gear in your car. Keep it clean.
• Be respectful. Introduce yourself to everyone in the locker room.
• Don’t promote yourself on message boards. Start a website.
• Your ring name shouldn’t be based on a current wrestling star.
• Recent matches are more important than long matches. A promo tape with old matches implies that you haven’t done anything worthwhile recently.
• A highlight tape is fine if it’s more than just one spot repeated! Be sure to include a complete match though to prove you can do more than just high spots!

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Indeed Wrestling Weekly said...

3/1/2004 2:29:00 PM

Bill Behrens gives good advice for aspring wrestlers sending promo videos to big or small promotions

As some may know I help NWATNA in the selection of wrestlers for TNA XPLOSION and I run NWA WILDSIDE, so I see a lot of tapes from a lot of wrestlers, which means I see a lot of really bad stuff before I see good stuff. I'm frequently amazed at how many wrestlers have no idea what to send to a promoter, and other simple basics. In today's NOTES I'm going to present a few "rules" or "suggestions" for wrestlers.

First, all wrestlers need a demo tape of one good match. It does not need to be a long match, but it does need to be well shot, and as recent as possible. Don't send a match taped in 2000 to get work in 2004 or guys like me assume you haven't had a decent match since 2000, if ever. Rewind the tape, and put it in a sleeve or protective box. Mail it in a way that will keep it from breaking. Use "media mail" at the post office to save money, as it gets to me nearly as fast as 1st class or priority, and don't send it where I have to sign for it as if I'm not home it may take even longer to get to me. Make sure I know which guy or girl in the match is you. Include with the tape, a picture and a brief bio. Include your phone # and e-mail address. If you have a phone make sure you have an answering machine or voicemail or don't bother putting a phone # down. If you are out of shape, and therefore wear a t-shirt, don't expect much, even if you can work, unless your weight is part of your gimmick. Wear real ring gear. Jeans and cargo pants aren't real ring gear unless part of your gimmick. Don't send Hardcore Matches unless the promotion you are sending it to is into a lot of Hardcore. These promotions feature the chant "he's hardcore, he's hardcore" plus "ECW" chants even when nobody on the card worked there……BTW, most of the ECW guys at least knew what they were doing. A lot of hardcore is garbage, not really wrestling. Those who make it "good" are few and far between, so most of the time if I see "hardcore" on a tape I assume you can't wrestle. If your ring name is based on some current wrestling star's ring name, it may hurt your chances. Don't ever start a tape with an in ring or any type of "promo" or at least I won't even watch the tape. Sending matches where you face an established "star" can be a double-edged sword, as some may perceive the "star" as "carrying" you through the match. It is as important to show bumping and selling, as it is high spots and offense. A highlight tape is fine if it consists of more than one high spot repeated, but if you send highlights also send one match, so folk like me do not assume all you can do is the high spots. Don't suggest someone recommended you unless they really did, and really thought you were good, and weren't just being nice or ribbing you. To send demo tapes and promo packages to me use: PO Box 941787 Atlanta, GA 31141.

Additional rules or suggestions: Never post on message boards using fake names or your work name to put yourself over. Instead get a Website. Do not burn bridges with promoters. Always try to leave on good terms even if you think the promoter is an idiot, and be careful sharing that kind of opinion as it will likely get back to the promoter. The only way to "grow" as a wrestler is to wrestle as many matches with people better than you as you can. If you stay in one place, one promotion, even a good place, you can only grow so much. And honestly promoters that won't give you the opportunity to get to other places are just wrong. The smart promoter knows that if he let's you get out, and gain experience; you will come home a better wrestler, and more valuable to him. The smart promoter will even help you. Get a passport. Always have your gear in the car, and wash it every once in a while. Always introduce yourself to everybody in the lockeroom. Consider wrestling a job, and don't show up impaired or perform impaired. Wait until after the show to "party", particularly if you are just getting started in the business. Be respectful.