Wednesday, December 28, 2005


By popular demand, TC WATTS & ZIP WHITTLE have begun their live reviewing adventure and started with quite a doozy. It's SAMOA JOE vs (the) NECRO BUTCHER from IWA MS 6/11/05 in Philadelphia, PA. This was an insane affair that had the entire wrestling community buzzing about the dangerous bumps and insane stiffness. WARNING: The events in this match quickly invoke strong reactions from your hosts including cursing! Even a podcast about this match is explicit. Listen to us call a match that involved ZW using the phrase, "Like a Freight Train being hit with a space shuttle." INDEED.

Download the MP3 right here! (14 minutes 4 seconds)

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GreatOne said...

Hey, I was just out looking around for wrestling news, and I ran across your site. Just thought I would let you know it rocks! I'll be sure to come back and visit often now.