Friday, December 23, 2005

New Show! 12-23-05

Literally an hour of news, views and reviews! We have tons of TNA, WWE and MMA news - it was eleven pages of material and it took us over 60 minutes to cover it! Where is Steven Richards? What new titles is TNA planning for 2006 and which ones are just rumors? Who is starting a new MMA promotion? Why do we love Belgium? What unusual person is showing up for the ECW DVD and what does Cheerleading have to do with wrestling anyhow? Who went from a deathmatch tournament to the WWE in ten years and is back in Japan? Whose birthday (in two days) signals a possible return to the WWE? And a request for our Canadaian fans...

CHECK OUT IWW's 12-23-05 show with TC Watts & Zip Whittle! (mp3 link)

Also, be sure to support the band that provided our opening music - Aquaholic with "Ten"!!

FYI, We had some mic problems that only lasted for a few minutes during the opening of the show. I promise they go away quickly! INDEED.

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Chuck Williams said...

I just did a funny ECW review on my blog. Check it out!