Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Latest WWE Business Analysis & Audio

I published two pieces recently about the WWE Network:

Basically, the first piece outlined my economic argument that Global Demand for the WWE Network (at best) just puts them in the break-even territory and they should focus on growing profitability. The second piece looks at the three options that WWE has: grow demand, raise price or cut costs.

I also published a WhatCulture piece about the Pro-wrestlers who appeared in the most Video Games which was a follow-up to a 80+ game survey I did in conjunction with Joe Gagne's Funtime Arcade but I screwed up the roster for WWE 2K14 so now I'm being raked over the coals in the comment section. That's to be expected, but whenever someone calls me "the Nate Silver of pro-wrestling" I might point them to this example.

Recently on Wrestlenomics Radio I've covered several subjects including:

This weekend's show will hopefully be John Lister & I talking about the Wrestlenomics of ECW!

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