Thursday, December 12, 2013

39 Page PDF - summary of WWE Network and WWE TV Rights Stories

#wrestlenomics Analysis: WWE Network Viability
by Chris Harrington
A collection of pieces during the lead-up to the WWE Network launch.
All pieces originally appeared online at my wrestling blog:
WWE Rolling 12 Month Revenue Trends – published 10/31/13
Canthe WWE Network succeed? – published 11/1/13
The WWE Whirlwind – published 11/20/13 (published in Figure Four Weekly newsletter)
WWE Network to featureWrestlemania? – published 11/21/13
PredictTV Rights Fees for 2015 – published 12/9/2013
1 million subscribers...  – published 12/10/2013

I’ve been chronicling the day-by-day machinations of the WWE for the past two months.  They’re wrestling with two enormous hurdles: TV Rights Fee Negotiations for 2015 and launching the WWE Network in 2014. Each week I’ve been pulling together the speculative data with the known details and offering my thoughts. As you go through this compendium you’ll see how the facts on the ground have continued to evolve. These pieces straddle two business presentations: October’s 3rd Quarter Conference Call (where nothing huge was announced but the stock rallied enormously) to the December UBS Global Media and Communications Conference (where WWE CFO George Barrios confirmed the company’s frustrations with gaining traction on launching the WWE Network as a Premium Channel). In between that, it became evident that WWE was moving ahead in 1st quarter of 2014 for launching the WWE Network.  We’ll know a lot more after the January 8, 2014 CES event. There’s plenty of speculation (Over-the-top or Traditionally distributed? Will it include all PPVs and even Wrestlemania? What’s the Price?). In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll find this analysis interesting.                                                      
- Chris Harrington, December 12 2013

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