Tuesday, January 17, 2006

TC takes the helms on this MMA update! First, we run down the Fight Night card for 1/16 as we reveal our secret method of picking fighters who share names with roles from popular sitcoms. Witness Zip Whittle valiantly attempt to convince his co-host of Vince Vaughn's fighting prowness. We talk about the big Liddell/Couture Fight along with all their past history, buyrates, payouts and what the future may hold.
We discuss Ortiz's Fight that he�ll have before he takes on Shamrock in June and how many fights someone needs to win in a row to establish themselves in the public's mind. Also included is a brief recap of many Pro-Wrestling connections in the K1 & Pride New Year Eve's shows including who Heath Herring did not mean to kiss. Who was the insane German King who built Neuschwanstein? Where is Mark Kerr now? Want another Chuck Palumboism? TUNE IN! Thus far, TC Watts has an undefeated streak of picking UFC fights. Does his record hold up? We'll cover that on the next episode of IWW.

IWW MMA SHOW! (mp3 link)

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