Friday, January 13, 2006


TC Watts joins Zip Whittle for the first fully remotely produced episode which is a monster of a show. We cover TC's thoughts on the New Year's Revolution PPV, the status of both brand champions, health and injury updates on many stars and some people who had just disappeared, new talent joining the WWE and who exactly is living with Steph & Hunter. Also, we go in-depth about the roles for retiring and injuried wrestlers along with details of Joey Styles recent woes, Vince McMahon's cash-filled pockets and who Ultimo Dragon can't book in Japan. Lastly, it's the birth of Indeed Wrestling Palumbo podcast~! PLUS VIEWER (LISTENER) SHOUTOUTS (get your name on our show at !)

Download the MP3 right here.

At 1 hour and 17 seconds, it's easily our favorite episode to date. TONS of NEWS and NOTES~!

We're going to have two more updates this weekend including:
* MMA News with UFC Live Monday Night Fight Night Predictions
* More WWE news, viewer mail and thoughts on NYR, ideas for future booking and of course, MORE CHUCK PALUMBOISMS~!

BTW, Fans in Canada & Australia. We're sorry. We haven't been sending you love like we should. That will be remedied soon!

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