Friday, August 08, 2014

WWE Q2 Results & New Articles & Audio

So, I'm now writing several articles each week over at Bleacher Report.

This week I did a lot of coverage of the WWE Q2 Results:

BR 8/6/14 - Wrestlenomics: Updated 2014 WWE Win-Loss Analysis Through Aug. 5
BR 8/5/14 - Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Discuss Creative at Needham Fireside Chat
BR 8/5/14 - WWE Confirms It's Shutting Down Magazine Division
BR 8/4/14 - Breaking Down Biggest Ramifications of Latest WWE Network Subscription Numbers
WC 8/1/14 - How did WWE Answer those Q2 Questions?
BR 7/31/14 - WWE 2nd-Quarter Conference Call Announces Global WWE Network Launch
WC 7/28/14 - Important Questions WWE Must Answer in the Q2 Call

I also recorded several hours of great audio including:
Tomorrow I will have a new Wrestlenomics Radio Episode at a special time: Saturday, 8/9/14 at 11 AM EST. I'll have Aaron Taube, who is an excellent reporter for Business Insider as a guest.

Other fun material to think about:

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