Friday, August 02, 2013

@mookieghana on Voices of Wrestling podcast! (2 hours of Wrestling Stats!)

Voices of Wrestling interview Chris "mookieghana" Harrington

The very wonderful folks over at Voices of Wrestling (@voiceswrestling) invited me to discuss my book project, WWE financial results, what factors do and do not influence PPV buys, WWF jobbers and what people can do to get started in the Wrestling Analytics scene.  I went on for almost two hours and had plenty that we didn't cover (including my favorite the OCELOT Ratings system) so we'll  have to do it again sometime in the future!

LINKS TO ANALYSIS (so you can follow along on the show):

GREAT WWF JOBBERS - see why Steve Lombardi is the Cal Ripkin Jr of losing.

Correlation between RAW Ratings, Wrestling Observer Feedback and PPV Buys

WWE 2Q 2013 Results 

Wrestling Observer Awards (and runner-ups!)

For information about getting the book, please email me at indeedwrestling at gmail dot com

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