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WCW Saturday Night & WCW Worldwide (1999-2000) Records

My count for most appearances for WCW Worldwide & WCW Saturday Night (1999-2000) using TheHistoryofWWE as primary source:

20+ appearances
Lash Laroux: 24 matches (13-11) = 54% win
Disorderly Conduct/Texas Hangmen/Texas Outlaws (Tough Tom & Mean Mike): 21 matches (3-17-1) = 15% win

15+ appearances
Kwee Wee/Alan Funk: 18 matches (6-12) = 33% win
Disco Inferno (including one match as "La Cucaracha" vs Konnan): 18 matches (15-3) = 83% win
The Dog/Al Green(e): 17 matches (4-13) = 24% win
Norman Smiley: 17 matches (11-6) = 65% win
Gen. Rection/Hugh Morrus: 16 matches (12-3-1) = 80% win
Silver King: 16 matches (6-10) = 38% win
Chavo Guerrero Jr: 15 matches (14-1) = 93% win
Elix Skipper: 15 matches (6-9) = 40% win

13+ matches
Steve Armstrong: 14 matches (3-11) = 21% win
Chris Harris: 14 matches (0-14) = 0% win (Braden's run in WCW wasn't auspicious either)
Lenny Lane/Lane/Lenny: 14 matches (7-7) = 50% win (must be the ab supplement)
Barry Horowitz: 14 matches (0-14) = 0% win (Allan Funk/Kwee Wee, Bobby Walker, Disco Inferno, Fidel Sierra, Glacier, Hugh Morrus, Jim Duggan, Norman Smiley, Perry Saturn, Silver King, Ernest "The Cat" Miller, Vincent and Wrath-twice got wins)
3 count's Shannon Moore: 14 matches (11-3) = 79% win
Villano V: 14 matches (0-14) = 0% win (singles losses to Disco, Mike Enos, Psychosis, Silver King and The Barbarian)
The Mamaluke's Johnny the Bull: 14 matches (13-1) = 93% win (new meaning to "working your ass off")
Jung Dragon's Kaz Hayashi: 14 matches (7-6-1) = 54% win
Chuck Palumbo: 14 matches (9-4) = 69% win
Scott Armstrong: 13 matches (3-11) = 21% win
(The Artist formerly known as) Prince Iaukea: 13 matches (6-7) = 46% win
Bobby Eaton: 13 matches (record holder for most WCW matches!) (2-11) = 15% win (might have a duplicate result on Kenny Kaos & Bobby Eaton defeating La Parka & Silver King in January 1999)
Villano IV: 13 matches (0-13) = 0% win
Meng: 13 matches (10-1-2) = 91% win
3 Count's Evan Karagias: 13 matches (11-2) = 85% win
Fit Finlay: 13 matches (11-2) = 85% win
Dave Burkhead: 13 matches (0-13) = 0% win (his other name? Knuckles Xandwich!)
The Mamaluke's Big Vito: 13 matches (11-2) = 85% win
Jung Dragon's Yang: 13 matches (6-7) = 46% win
Fidel Sierra: 13 matches (2-11) = 15% win (beat Allen Funk and Barry Horowitz in Feb/March 2000)

4/1/2000 WCW Saturday Night: WCW Hardcore Champion Brian Knobbs defeated Norman Smiley, the Dog, Rick Fuller, Adrian Byrd, and Dave Burkhead in a title on a pole match (Amazing collection of SN/Worldwide talent!)

10+ matches
Jung Dragon's Jamie-san (Jamie Howard): 12 matches (6-6) = 50% win
Crowbar/Devon Storm: 12 matches (7-4-1) = 64% win
Rick Cornell/Reno: 12 matches (5-6) = 45% win
Mike Sanders: 11 matches (2-9) = 18% win (he won some PowerPlant-tastic matchups over Kory Williams & Ashley Hudson and Kevin Northcutt, Steven Sharpe, & Robbie Rage)
the Barbarian: 11 matches (5-4-2) = 56% win
Kory Williams: 11 matches (1-10) = 9% win (Kory Williams & Ashley Hudson, team "Guys that kind of sounds like Ladies Names", beat the future Gymini - the Shane Twins)
Dale Tolbert/The Demon: 11 matches (7-4) = 64% win
Rey Mysterio Jr.: 11 matches (10-0-1) = 100% win (He can't be stopped!)
Juventud Guerrera: 11 matches (7-4) = 64% win
Kid Romeo: 11 matches (8-3) = 73% win
Adrian Byrd: 10 matches (0-10) = 0% win (losses to everyone from JJ to The Wall to Billy Kidman)
Mark Jindrak: 10 matches (5-5) = 50% win
La Parka: 10 matches (4-6) = 40% win
Billy Kidman: 10 matches (9-0-1) = 100% win
3 Count's Shane Helms: 10 matches (8-2) = 80% win
Jerry Flynn: 10 matches (8-1-1) = 89% win
Jim Duggan: 10 matches (10-0) = 100% win

Duggan's wins include winning a flag match with Fidel Sierra (3/25/2000), beating Robert Gibson (2/19/2000) and the 2/26/2000 Saturday Night match title vs Career against Regal.

There is also 2/5/2000 WCW Saturday Night: Jim Duggan (w/ Pops) defeated Dave Burkhead.

Remaining Folks
Bobby Blaze, Perry Saturn, Lodi, Don Harris, Ron Harris, Kenny Kaos, El Dandy, Dave Taylor: 9 matches

Ernest Miller (Mike Jones), JC Ice, Frankie Lancaster, Sonny Siaki, Mona, Van Hammer, Bobby Duncum Jr, Brian Adams: 8 matches

The Wall, Sean O'Haire, Scotty Riggs, Booker T, Steve Regal, Wolfie D, Ashley Hudson: 7 matches
Bam Bam Bigelow, Hail/Emory Hale, Curt Hennig, Mike Enos, Erik Watts, Mike Rapada, Chris Adams, Jeremy Lopez, Vampiro, Cassidy Riley (TNA/WWE Developmental alum), Vincent (f/k/a Curly Bill): 6 matches

Shark Boy, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Psychosis, James Storm (future TNA HOF), Rick Fuller, Shawn Stasiak, Rick Steiner, Chris Jericho, Brian Knobbs, Shane Douglas, Konnan: 5 matches

Kevin Northcutt, Tommy Rogers, Bryan Clark, Buff Bagwell, Johnny Swinger, Shane Eden, Super Calo, Kendall Windham, Glacier, David Flair, Air Paris, Barry Darsow, Robbie Rage, Barry Windham, Bull Pain, Frog, Little Jeannie: 4 matches

Wrath, Ed Leslie, Mike Awesome, Jeff Jarrett, Damian, PW Douglas, Maestro, Sid Vicious, Horace, Alex Wright, Scott Norton, Chip Minton, Mike Sullivan, Chad Fortune, Hector Garza, Brad Armstrong, Tank Abbott, Bryan McNeal: 3 matches

Chase Tatum, Christopher Daniels, Chris Candido, Chuck Coates, Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker, Jeff Pies, Steven Sharpe, Ciclope, Chad Hart, Nick Dinsmore, Scott Putski, Paisley, Blitzkrieg, Power Company, Madusa, Johnny Attitude, Stevie Ray, Bobby Walker, Gambler, Scotty Patrick: 2 matches
(9/9/2000 Worldwide: Paisley defeated Tygress and Major Gunns - bet that was a technical classic!)

Sherri Martel, Jason Anderson, Big T, "Man from the Audience", Rhonda Singh, Ed Gatsky, Rick Baines, Major Gunns, Dee Dee Venturi, Torrie Wilson, Rick Garcia, Anthony Murphy, Rick Michaels, Lizmark Jr., Chris Williams, Mad Jack, Rob Williams, Danny Faquir, Asya, Manny Fernandez, Robert Diggs, Todd Shane, Robert Gibson (part of the build for Regal putting his career on the line against Duggan), Tracy Smothers, Jason Wheeler, Ron Rage, Michael Shane, Ruben Cruz, Sick Boy, Hak (Sandman), Allan Walker, Mike Modest, Spyder, Cody Hawk, Mike Shane, Chris Krueger, Race Steele, Scotty O, Tammy Sytch (she teamed with Candido against Stasiak & Molly Holly/Mona), Mickey Ray, Terry Knight, Mike Ashmore, the Border Patrol, Scotty Zappa, Todd Perri, Drew McDonald, Marty Garner, Joe Gomez, Matt Anderson, Dustin Rhodes, Tygress, Jeremy Sage, Matt Stryker, Ian Harrison, Raven, Casey Thompson, Eddie Guerrero, Lex Luger, AJ Styles (Jason Styles), Ice Train, Great Muta: 1 match

WCW Worldwide 8/12/2000: The Great Muta defeated WCW Tag Team Champion Brian Adams
(This would foreshadow their Wrestle1 appearance: Muta & Goldberg vs KRONIK)

Lastly, I'd like to highlight an EPIC WCW Saturday Night episode from Feburary 26, 2000.
A review of the show is available at:

MATCHES (2/26/00): (links for matches on youtube)
Disco Inferno (w/ Big Vito & Johnny the Bull) versus Steve Armstrong
Dustin Rhodes defeated Bobby Eaton
The Demon versus Power Company #1 (w/ the other member) 
Tank Abbott versus Villano IV 
The Barbarian versus Villano V
Fidel Sierra verus Barry Horowitz 
Sonny Siaki & Chuck Palumbo versus Allan Funk & Rick Cornell 
Shark Boy versus Jeremy Lopez 
Billy Kidman (w/ Torrie Wilson) versus Elix Skipper 
Brian Knobbs defeated Dave Burkhead
WCW TV Champion Jim Duggan defeated Lord Steven Regal; stipulations stated both Duggan's title and Regal's career were on the line in the contest (Regal's last appearance)
WCW Tag Team Champions Big Vito & Johnny the Bull (w/ Disco Inferno) defeated PG-13 when Vito pinned Wolfie D

(Since the last three matches aren't on Youtube, I left the results spoiled.)

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