Friday, October 06, 2006


It's twelve pages of news crammed into under fifty minutes. We cover:

* what former WWE star is on the playboy channel!
* what happens when you forget to get a good babysitter for your mexico indy fed (VAMPIRO/RXXL fiasco!)
* what's going on this sunday at the PPV
* what is ROH's next big angle and who did they bring to the US that didn't even have a WORKING VISA?
* why three announcers: one of EACH WWE BRAND might/almost left this year
* TNA news with lots of Kurt Angle coverage (including the story of the vignette, money and fighting)
* discussion of TNA's first PPV outside of Orlando in a long time
* what MMA fed should sponser IWW
* what is the best video on youtube
* what is the coolest lucha mask site on the internet
* how are the shamrock "brothers" (frank/ken) related
and much, much, much more!!

45 min (mp3) with Zip Whittle

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