Friday, March 03, 2006


3/3/06 - NEW IWW SHOW! (70 minute mp3 file)

Zip Whittle & TC Watts try and surmount two weeks off with a mega episode of news, notes and craziness. We cover the WWE Conference Call (with ZW ranting about what they do and don't tell you),the New Drug Policy, Hall of Fame information, news on releasing the Dicks, updates on future SNME and PPV locations, tour news with the new WWE "RISK AVERSION", who promised they would NEVER sell out to the WWE (and did this week!) and a rundown of Smackdown PPV (No Way Out) and latest show. Great episode with plenty of Palumboisms. Find out who Latvian Lover is! Fun fun fun.

PDF of Show Notes - FOLLOW ALONG!


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