Wednesday, March 02, 2016

What I wrote/did February 2016

Since I work on a little different projects but I don't always post about them in the same place, I figured I'd try to recap each month some of my favorite datapoints/articles/tidbits that I worked on each month.


2/24/2016 -- WWE Q4 Results, podcasts, odds & ends

2/10/2016 -- Predictions For WWE Q4 Revenue (a primer on WWE results including a list of very pertinent questions at the end)

2/24/2016 -- Does Shane McMahon's Return To Television Include A Corporate WWE Position? (a look at YOD, Shane McMahon and whether he will return to WWE as a corporate executive)

My SA article about YOD/WWE was later quoted in a NYPost article published 2/25/16 Shane McMahon’s return to WWE ‘Raw’ fuels talk of C-suite role:

But Chris Harrington, who covers the financials of professional wrestling for Wrestlenomics Radio, called Shane’s possible return to WWE’s executive suite “a tantalizing puzzle piece” in light of the company’s designs on China.
“He has spent years focused on the issue of how do you generate real revenue with Chinese OTT media,” Harrington wrote Wednesday in a piece for Seeking Alpha. “That’s a topic where WWE needs an expert.”
Sadly, this quote did not make the print version.

2/11/2016 -- KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM WWE'S 2015 Q4, FULL '15 FINANCIAL RESULTS (my article cover 2015 results)

2/11/2016 -- WOL: FREE SHOW TALKING DANIEL BRYAN, WWE NETWORK NUMBERS, MORE! (quick run-in to talk about WWE results)

2/12/2016 -- WOL: CHRIS HARRINGTON ON WWE FINANCES, DR. LUCHA, NEWS ON KEVIN RANDLEMAN AND MORE! (interview with Bryan Alvarez & Mike Sempervive on the WWE 2015 reuslts)

2/24/2016 -- WOL: SHANE MCMAHON UPDATE, CHINA COMPANY, TONS OF NEWS AND MORE! (interview with Bryan Alvarez & Mike Sempervive on Shane McMahon's YOD company)

2/12/2016 -- WRESTLENOMICS RADIO: WWE Q4 EARNINGS REPORT (30 minute podcast covering Q4 results and clips from WWE Conference Call)

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Why don't you explain to your fans how you've been dodging Copperhead II? Where are the statistics that show how you've abandoned your AWF roots? Where is the Badgerow pride?

When you recently tweeted that Gardner's only enduring legacies were a loud shirt and a plush banana, that was a disgrace and you know it. How dare you, sir.

A long time ago, a parking lot guardrail broke beneath the feet of... someone, I don't remember; but when that AWF superstar fell flat on his face (immortalized forever on that looping .gif), the impact reverberated not only around the world but down through the years, and now COPPERHEAD II has awoken and claimed the vacant AWF Park title! You know 68.53% of this, and you are 36.2% afraid with a 20% margin of error.