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IWW: BOBBY SHIELDS~! (and the notes from last show)

Bobby Shields on IWW
Covering all the insanity that is HARLEY RACE'S WLW CAMP - NOAH & WWE reps in the house!

Find out more about BOBBY SHIELDS over at his website.



Head Writer Alex Greenfield left Smackdown. One of his movies got
green-lit in Hollywood and he needed/wanted to be out there working on
that project and couldn't continue to write for WWE.
July 2005: Joined WWE writing. (Hollywood experience)
June 2006: Head Smackdown Writer after Dave Lagana was moved to ECW.
"Midnight Movie" – produced by Jacques Thelemaque, who struck a deal
with production financing entity Bigfoot Partners to produce 2-4
independent films per year under $1 mil working with emerging
filmmakers under the banner, FA Productions. (April 19, 2005)

Interesting, here is an article from a year ago in Variety which
mentions movies that Greenfield has worked on. (He had just left his
job as a "lit. manager".)

• scripting remake of "She Creature" for Lou Arkoff
• co-writing "Midnight Movie" with Sean Hood
• writing "Wilson" with co-producer Mike Eitelman

Sounds like he had a lot of projects in the works when he got involved
with WWE. Not too surprising that a year later he'd be leaving them
for Hollywood.


Michael Hayes returns to the helm of Smackdown. Years ago in the
Heyman Smackdown era, Hayes clashed with Paul and eventually was moved
to the RAW side of things. He has been working on creative for many
years dating back to before the Brand Split.

SURPRISE? Well, many thought Dusty Rhodes was destined to be the next
writer. It's unknown whether this is a permanent deal or just until
they find their next Hollywood-wannabe. What's also unknown is what
this means for Rhodes' future.

Matt Hardy & Gregory Shane Helms, friends who started wrestling
together in OMEGA, will meet this Sunday on PPV. WWE has been pushing
Helms as "the longest reigning cruiserweight champion in history".
He'll soon have another title to add to his mantle: Lowest Rated
Smackdown Segment in History.

The 9/15 Smackdown match between Helms & Hardy has set the bar at 0.8
– about 1¼ million viewers. (Keep that figure in mind when we talk
about TNA Ratings). It should be noted that this is while Smackdown
was being extensively pre-empted by UPN and nearly 50% of the country
didn't see the show in it's normal timeslot on Friday night.

TNA on 9/14 had 817,000 viewers. They did an 0.88 last week for 1
million viewers.
ECW on 9/12 had 2.14 million viewers. ECW has dropped into the mid
1.7-1.8 range lately.

However, most recent episode with Cena appearing did a 2.5 on fast
nationals which meant it beat Fox for 4th place on Friday night.
LAYLA has been put on Smackdown. Dave's comment "should indicate what
they think of her winning."


"Trish Stratus claimed she was asked to pose by PB within six months
of her being in wrestling, and then at least once a year every year
after. She was asked now that her career looks to be over would she
pose, and she said she wouldn't. She was married this weekend."

Story about Stacy Carter, (The Kat, Jerry Lawler's wife): She held
talks about doing PB, but after she was fired PB didn't want to
endanger their relationship with WWF so they cancelled the talks. Not
to worry though, she not only received ownership of Jerry Lawler's FL
Condo, but an additional cash settlement due to Lawler's remarks in
his autobiography (which violated terms that prohibited him from
making "disparaging remarks".)

Speaking of PB, viewers of their prank series "Totally Busted" might
recognize one of the cast: "Matt 'Horshu' Weisz", better known as
Luther Reigns.

Ken Shamrock is about to draw the largest rating for a MMA fight in
North America with his cable-TV rematch with Ortiz on 10/10 on
SpikeTV. Ever wonder the connection between Frank & Ken Shamrock?

Frank Shamrock - Frank Jaurez
Ken Shamrock - Ken Wayne Kilpatrick
(You'll see him as Wayne Shamrock on early Pancrase & wrestling tapes).
They were both adopted by Bob Shamrock, who ran a home for troubled
youths in Northern California.

Dustin Runnels went AWOL a few weeks ago when he no-showed three
events in the Northeast. He basically missed his flights and becoming
increasingly difficult to contact. Not a good situation.

Likewise, Sean Waltman is rumored to be acting in a bad way after
leaving a wrestling show in NJ with "some known drug dealers". He
supposedly never even went to his hotel room that evening.


Kid Kash (Smackdown) – attitude problems; failed a test recently? In
TNA had a bad rep. His final match (teaming with Jamie Noble) aired
on Smackdown last week after he'd already been released.

Justin Credible (ECW) – he no-showed ECW and disappeared; they waited
two weeks to fire him and finally just did it via Fax. Wife is

Boogeyman (Smackdown/OVW) – lots of issues. Said to be difficult to
deal with and acting crazy. His return to OVW was not going well
despite him already being advertised for Smackdown (remember his
prominent role in the Summerslam commercial?)

KANYON? Latest is WWE has no interest in using him. "Then again,
they just hired Marty…"

Kevin Nash & Billy Kidman were both backstage at TNA Impact last week.
Kidman has been lobbying for a job pretty much since his WWE release
in July 2006; his last match was a dark match under a mask. (He's
only 32 so he'll have at least eight years until WWE is going to want
him back, I guess.)

Rochester NY's own Joanie "Chyna" Laurer resurfaced on Larry King Live
a few weeks back to discuss Anna-Nicole's son's death. They (the two
women) were in the movie "Illegal Aliens" together.

Greg Gagne was fired back on 9/11 after about five months with WWE in
He was "out of touch" and "behind the times". He pushed Cody Rennels
(Dusty's son) heavily using the same ideas that were done back when he
debuted as Verne Gagne's son in AWA in late 1972.
Story from Deep South: "it was taking them all week to undo one day of
Gagne's teaching."
Simon Dean (Mike Bucci) has taken over developmental and is working
out of Stamford.

Kenny Omega (OVW) went home to Winnipeg after asking to leave on 9/8.

Ryan Reeves is off suspension. He is said to be "even bigger"– like
Lashley/Batista huge.

Kevin Matthews and Danny Giamundo (Danny Inferno) have been released from OVW.

9/20 Palacio de los Deportes (18,301 fans) MEXICO CITY

AAA has been bringing in lots of TNA wrestlers
"They had talked over a spot where Abyss was going to throw Lider, who
fancies himself as being Mexico's Mick Foley, into tons of thumb
tacks. But being AAA, there is always one communication problem and
nobody bought the thumb thacks. They ended up with some fluorescent
light tubes and Abyss threw Lider through those."

TNA shot an angle on the Mexico tour where Konnan, Homicide and about
ten AAA guys (including JUVI and SUPER CALO) beat down AJ Styles.

RXLL: Vampiro's federation is already NO MORE~! He went to Japan and
the promoter (Pepe Villa) basically took the money and paid old debts
instead of paying the talent and the TV station. So much for
Evolution, All-Japan (he'd supposedly just struck a deal with Samurai
TV to air his show!) and unnamed Calgary promotion to come from the
ashes of Matrats. Vampiro is allegedly going to restart with some of
the original crew: Sean Waltman, Slash Venom, Ricky Banderas, Kaos,
Aaron Aguilera, Extreme Tiger (luchadore from Tijuana that has won two
hair matches and is being heavily hyped). I don't know Ron Killings'
status (or Teddy Hart's?) since Killings seemed to get in trouble with
AAA (and TNA) for working the last show and he basically promised to
not go back. Sounds like Raven, All Japan Talent (Nosawa, who has
worked in Mexico/US extensively was on his last main event) will be
coming in. Vampiro claims he'll be opening a school (which should be
interesting coming from a Canadian who openly admits he never learned
to take a flat back bump until he went to WCW and promptly got nearly
paralyzed from an Awesomebomb from that 70s guy Mike 'The Gladiator'



ROH Tapes are popular with younger wrestlers in Mexico.
(AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Homicide)

"Deals were at the beginning of the year for KENTA to pick up win
after win against ROH stars using the Go 2 Sleep as his finish.
It was all booked to build for the spot where he'd use the move on
Danielson, but Danielson would kick out, and come back to win cleanly
with the cattle mutilation.
A monkey wrench was nearly thrown into those plans when Danielson's
shoulder and chest were tore up and he really shouldn't be wrestling,
but he did anyway."

In an interview, Danielson acknowledged a strong interest in joining
the Peace Corps and said he'd actually applied last year but was
rejected due to his lack of college education. He claimed he was
taking classes online to help him out and still wanted to pursue the

Sammartino's appearance in ROH drew a legitimate turnaway crowd of 1200.

Prince Nana (Nana Bandoh, who claims to be the nephew of King Otumfuo
Osei Tutu, Ashanti King) has quit working with ROH. He wanted to do
more wrestling since he lost weight and didn't see much more
opportunity for him in Ring of Honor. An angle with Nana interrupting
Sammartino was nixed at the last show; overall people thought was the
right decision but one imagines that Nana wasn't thrilled at losing
that chance.

They've already begun working towards the big angle of Morishima vs
Samoa Joe for next year's big show. The crowd doesn't know Morishima
much yet but he's a terrificly talented big man (like 300 lbs) who
NOAH is very high on. Morishima doesn't even have a working visa yet
for wrestling in the US.

The GHC title defense was another interesting situation. It appears
that ROH knew about the title defense in advance but obviously
couldn't advertise it until the switch occurred. In fact, it's very
possible NOAH was counting on the publicity from the GHC title change
(9/9) to promote Marufuji in New York (9/13). It appears that Jim
Cornette must have known because of a video update that ROH posted
using him but which was clearly taped prior (9/1) to the title change.
The working relationship between ROH and NOAH is strong. They've
definitely got more out of that than say New Japan/TNA!

The Dragon Gate wrestlers will return next year for Wrestlemania
Weekend. They have recently started on a deal with the dying New
Japan to work together (which some are against since DG workers are
much smaller than NJ guys). However, it seems like NOAH has no
problem with ROH using these DG guys despite the obviously feud
between New Japan and NOAH.

ROH DVDs to Check Out
• 1st ROH Card: American Dragon vs LowKi vs Christopher Daniels (TC &
ZW live at the show!)
• CM Punk vs Samoa Joe Series
• CZW vs ROH: Cage of Death
• Supercard of Honor (Dragon Gate 6-man)


8/20 Boston - Summerslam – earned 538,000 buys.
Coming off last year's Hogan v. Michaels supermatch it obviously was
going to be lower, so this was considered a extremely good news. Big
draws were Edge/Cena, DX vs McMahons and especially Hogan/Orton and
Flair/Foley. Domestically, the numbers were poor (as always) around
320k buys. WWE is definitely being kept afloat with strong
international interest.

1998: Austin/UT = 700k buys
1999: Austin/HHH/Foley (Ventura ref) = 600k
2000: Rock/HHH/Angle = 550k
2001: Rock/Booker T, Austin/Angle = 565k
2002: Brock/Rock, HHH/Michaels = 520k
2003: Elimination Chamber (Goldberg, Jericho, Orton, Nash, Michaels),
Angle/Lesnar = 465k
2004: Benoit/Orton, JBL/UT, HHH/Eugene = 415k (328k domestic)
2005: Michaels/Hogan = 636k (407k domestic final)
2006: Summerslam 2006 = 538k (320k buys domestic)

2006 probably earned around $18.3 million gross. Summerslam 1998
earned over $21million.

Those tracking UFC: Liddell vs Babalu had around 500k buys (almost all
North America)

--ECW's December to Dismember PPV on 12/3 in Augusta, GA at the
Richmond County Civic Center has tickets going on sale on 10/21. At
this point tickets are only listed at $20, which is incredibly
inexpensive. I can't believe they won't have higher prices for
ringside. (thanks to Michael Carpenter)

Speaking of ECW on the Sci-Fi channel, they've renewed Eureka, "which
beats out ECW as the highest rated show on the network and serves as
its lead-in."

Booking shakeup means Mike Tenay, Scott D'Amore and Jeremy Borash were
taken off the committee. Now it's just Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell
and VINCE RUSSO leading the charge. Terry Taylor was really pushing
for Russo's return.
Obviously, this caused some conflict with Jim Cornette, who abhors
Russo. The deal allegedly is that Cornette won't let him be in the
same room as him, speak with him and especially not take direction
from him. For the time being that's the situation, but one has to
imagine there is going to be another powderkeg.
Vince Russo's departure last time was preceded by TNA negotiating with
Hulk Hogan (who was most likely just creating leverage with WWE).
Hogan had a precondition that he would not work with Russo.

The fallout: Scott D'Amore is getting a new TV production role. Mike
Tenay is still announcing. Jeremy Borash is still playing the
interview/announcer geek deal.
Both Lex Luger & Buff Bagwell started appearing on TNA TV. Unknown if
they are here to stay.
Samoa Joe did an interview with IGN speaking about how a TNA videogame
was vital. (Perhaps, but ECW definitely didn't save itself with their
releases in the late 90s. However, alternatively, more copies of Raw
vs Smackdown version whatever were sold last year than all of the Home
Video releases COMBINED. Now, keep in mind WWE only earns a fraction
of the sales – like between 2 and 5 percent on licensing, so it's not
like that would turn TNA from being in the red to shooting money out
their eyeballs.)

TNA Bound for Glory - Sunday, October 22, 2006 - Detroit, MI
1. NWA World Title vs. Career - special ringside enforcer Kurt Angle:
Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting
2. NWA Tag Team Titles - Six Sides Of Steel: LAX (Homicide y
Hernandez) vs. Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles
3. X Division Title: Senshi vs. Chris Sabin
4. Detroit "8 Mile Street fight": Rhino vs. Christian Cage
5. Monsters Ball: Samoa Joe vs. Abyss vs. Raven vs. Brother Runt
Also: The return of Team 3D (as noted on Borash's update)

Scott Steiner was not cool with TNA's system of handling outside
bookings (they pay the wrestlers a quarterly fee) and is in dispute
with them over that.


Kurt Angle signed with TNA and debuted on their last PPV in the form
of a pre-taped segment.
His contract does allow him to compete in MMA though most think it's a
bad idea to try and do both at the same time even with TNA's reduced

If Kurt Angle's no-compete had lasted until Feb, he'd have been owed
about $500k from WWE. However, it's unclear whether with his release
he was given a more unconvential one. He rumored to be at around
$650k/yr with TNA plus whatever else he decides to do on top (indy
shows, etc.)

He has been advertised as WRESTLING at TNA's show in Mexico, though
that seems to be more the local promoter (working on what he was told)
versus what can really be expected at the show.

Bill Behrens' fed in Modesto, CA advertised they had Kurt Angle coming
in for 10/13 show for a short period of time. That has since be
removed and he won't make an appearance – maybe at a later show.
Behrens' lost a lot of favor with TNA after the New Japan deal went to

Angle was brought to Nashville (9/20) and they filmed a secret
vignette for the PPV debut in a local warehouse. They even went as
far as bringing in a different TV crew, hiring indy workers to set up
the ring (but not knowing who used it) and filming at MIDNIGHT. Angle
was not in Orlando for the PPV for fear that someone would see him!

BoDog (the Costa Rica fighting organization by Calvin Ayre) airs on
the "Men's Channel" (seems like one guy in Nebraska gets this!).
They've been trying to get a deal with Don Frye, Kurt Angle and Brock

Rick Bassman (UPW owner: Victoria, Cena, Heidenreich, the Miz, Melina,
Ryan Sakoda, Chris Masters; an unofficial developmental territory for
WWE) is trying to put together a TANK ABBOT vs BUTTERBEAN PPV. Send
him money now folks~!

Frank Shamrock has claimed to sign a multimillion dollar contract with
THE WORLD FIGHTER CHAMPIONSHIPS. Cesar Gracie ist he group's booker.

Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros have been reunited on IFL TV as announcers.

Apparently all WWE announcers sign their contracts at the same time!
Tazz's contract up at the end of the year. He's playing hardball and
citing radio opportunities in an attempt to get more money. He wants
a raise; hard to say if they'd give it to him.

Also, Jim Ross' contact is up soon. It's unknown if he'll resign.
It's tough to say as there are plenty of arguments for and against his
continued involvement. He's strictly doing announcing now – no talent
relations or creative. Longterm it's unknown what the plan is, though
I suspect he'll be on a week-to-week deal soon.

Similarly, JBL nearly left Smackdown this month as he has started a
new job with an Investment bank. He basically agreed to come back and
work a week-to-week d

Charles Skaggs (2 Cold Scorpio, 41) – three-year deal, friends with Booker T.
Mark Canterbury (Henry Godwinn, 42) – hired as favor to HHH &
Undertaker; been though (he lost his son). He's expected to be on
Brad James (Brad Armstrong, 45) – hired to teach young guys; will work
on ECW house shows.
Frederick Martin Oakes (Marty Jannetty , 47) – VKM decision. He's
believed to hold the record for most firings from the WWE.
Mike Rotunda (IRS, 48) – recently hired as road agent.
Five guys over forty!

Rodney Begnaud (Rodney Mack, 33) – few month tryout; he'll be on ECW.
(no long term deal yet) – wife Jazz appeared on 6/7/06 "WWE vs ECW"
show. Since unseen!
--Rodney Mack and Eric Perez debuted for ECW last night in Loveland, CO.

KNEE SURGERY: Michaels, Mysterio, Khali. Also bad knees? BIG SHOW~!
(He got the weekend off. I believe he's also having back issues.)

Damaja (aka Danny Hollie/Danny Basham) tore his biceps at house show.
Currently, the other security guard under the mask (with Doug Basham)
is Derrick Neikirk. His story is that his tag partner (Ryan O'Reilly)
were doing ECW houseshows until O'Reilly failed a drug test and got
himself suspended. Hollie won't be able to return until April!

Mickie James hurt her neck after her RAW match and the 'rana to the skull.

Your Eyes may have almost melted when "Big Dick Johnson" appeared on
your screen at RAW this past week. Who is that? Writer Chris
DeJoseph; the fat male stripper.
Hardcore Holly got 24 stitches in his back from the brutal table slice
in the RVD match from ECW last week. Seeing him tough it out (recall
when he broke his arm during a match on Smackdown a few years ago?)
seems to set the stage to turn him babyface.

I heard both Vince and Shane McMahon did stay overnight in the
hospital following the Hell in the Cell match with DX.


WWE spent $1.53m between May and July buying new tape libraries. Some
think it's World Class & Stampede tapes.

"See No Evil" cost $10.9m to produce. They should end up with profit
after DVD sales but not after it's initial release. Still don't
understand why they aren't releasing the DVD until NOVEMBER since once
expects HALLOWEEN is prime time for Horror movies.

MARINE cost $23m to produce so they need a ton of money to make a hit
on this one ($30m range). It will be interesting to watch; the
premiere was held on Tuesday (10/3) at a Marine base in California.

Average house show was $58k in merchandise sales. Costs about $145k
to run a show and they earned about $185.5k per show (including PPVs).

Who spends more on production WWE or UFC? WWE spends about $1.65
million per PPV which appears to be more than UFC. However, UFC will
often offer main eventers a significant portion of the gross which
means compared to WWE's 15% spent on payroll, UFC is actually probably
paying guys a lot more – or at least a few guys a lot more. The
breakeven point for PPVs is 109,000 buys domestically. That means
they won't be going under anytime too soon!

ECW taping is cheaper to produce: (about $200k vs $500k for RAW/Smackdown)
ECW got about $233k/show to produce ECW but also an additional $133k
for the show internationally. So, that's about $66k profit + live

Big Show + Angle + RVD was $43k/week. Rest of ECW earn between $500 to $1500.

WWE will settle the damages they owe the World Wildlife Foundation on 12/5.



Dean Malenko had a brief cameo on 9/15 Smackdown TV with Dominick.

There has been a push to have Steve Austin & Hulk Hogan appear on the
three-hour "Family Reunion", USA SEASON PREMIERE show on Monday.
Hogan is far more likely than Austin.

Speaking of Hogan, he's teasing that WM XXIII in Detroit would be a
final match ever. I doubt that. Likely matchup are either
Hogan/Austin (unlikely) and Hogan/Big Show (with BS playing Andre's
role since it's been twenty years since WM3).

Dallas Hart (Bret Hart's son) will be starting at Lance Storm's
training school in January.

--Ted Petty Invitational from (9/30) in Midlothian, IL: (thanks to
Dominick Valenti and Keith Lipinski)

El Generico b M Dogg 20,
Low Ki b Davey Richards,
Low Ki b Generico,

Claudio Castagnoli b Mike Quackenbush,
Arik Cannon b Hallowickid,
Cannon b Castagnoli,

Chris Hero b Trik Davis,
Roderick Strong b Delirious,
Strong b Hero,

Low Ki won three-way over Cannon and Strong in 35:00 to win the Ted
Petty Invitational

American Kickboxer & Tarek the Great NC Iron Saints,
Eddie Kingston & Joker & Ricochet b Iron Saints,
North Star Express won six-way gauntlet match,
Josh Abercromie b Tyler Black in a loser leaves town match,
Chuck Taylor b Toby Klein to win IWA Mid South title,

Lucha Masks & more!!


Event Description: It's three times the action as teams from RAW,
SmackDown and ECW compete against each other for the first time ever
in WWE Survivor Series. Don't miss the excitement as John Cena, Shawn
Michaels, Triple H, King Booker, Batista, Bobby Lashley, Rob Van Dam,
Sabu and Big Show form a legion of WWE Superstars at Survivor Series,
Sunday, November 26th at 8pm ET/5pm PT, live and only on Pay-Per-View.
A World Wrestling Entertainment Production. Go to for more

(Fatal Four-Way Match)
World Heavyweight Champion King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Batista vs. Finlay

(United States Champion) Mr. Kennedy vs. Undertaker
[I expect a DQ – feud to continue until next PPV.]

Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero (Falls Count Anywhere Match)

MVP makes his debut

Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy ??? no idea ???)

WWE Tag Team Champions London & Kendrick vs. KC James & Idol Stevens
?? no idea ???)

Dark Match:
*Kendrick/London d. The Gymini
ECW, Oct. 10, 2006:
*No backstage segments were shown. If Diva Strip Poker happened, it
was backstage, and it wasn't shown to the live crowd.
1 - CM Punk d. Rene Dupree (clean)
2 - Tommy Dreamer d. Kevin Thorne w/ Ariel (clean)
3 - Sabu, RVD & The Sandman d. The Big Show, Test & Matt Striker -
RVD, Sabu & Sandman

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